How To Pronounce VALHEIM


The early access Steam game Valheim has taken over the gaming world, but not one person has managed to say the quirky word correctly yet. You'll never guess how!

Miss-Take: MARIO Is A TRUMP Supporter


Luigi's 'L' on his hat stands for 'Lefty Libtard' and he reluctantly participates in Mario's antics over fear of being alone. Both brothers are also on 'No Fly' lists.

Oculus Quest 2 Review — An Arousing Experience

We've spent 4 months in complete isolation lusting over the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset by Facebook. The experience has left ourselves with a crippling dependence to the device and unable to reintegrate into regular society. Here's why you should follow our lead.


In one of the saddest and most desperate attempts ever seen on social media to drum up engagement, we're offering two lucky people the prize of a lifetime — the chance to completely destroy the confines of our company's office! Details after the break.

Miss-Take: Flick My USB-C

There are multiple clitorises inside the connector that are incredibly sensitive when the male and female ends meet, resulting in an arousing and stimulating correspondence.

Plok Remastered Pre-Order Bonus Not Thought Through

A video game company has landed itself in hot water after accidentally offering a racist character skin as a pre order bonus.

Super Nintendo World — A Comprehensive Walkthrough

An Era Error intern was smuggled through Japan's strict COVID restrictions to infiltrate Universal Studios Osaka and report on the currently closed Super Nintendo World first hand.

Miss-Take: A Link To The Past

We'll wait...

Modern Gamer In Vegetated State After Playing Perfect Dark On N64

A modern gamer is left in a vegetated state after experiencing some of the most jarring frame rate issues in a video game known to man — Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. 

Cyberpunk Wins 'Best Buggy/Janky Mess' At The Game Awards


The OG Xbox One version was a particular stand out in the category.