Dr Mario Disgraced; Loses Practicing Licence

Shocking news has emerged out of the Mushroom Kingdom today, as legendary pharmacist Dr Mario has been stripped of his right to practice due to negligence.

Stoner Somehow Dies In Kirby Epic Yarn

In a game where the feat is not supposed to be possible, a chronic marijuana injector has sensationally killed Kirby, creating immense confusion to the already dazed individual.

Bought A Micro-Transaction? You're A Gambling Addict

A startling new report states with absolute certainty that any person who purchases even just a single video game micro-transaction will eventually succumb to a gambling addiction.

PS5 Is Literally Two PS4's Duct Taped Together

Coming off the recent reveal of the strikingly familiar PS5 logo, Sony has showcased the chassis of the system, which appears to again borrow heavily from the current generation.

Bubsy's Cameo In Cats Somehow Not His Worst Performance

Irritating and much maligned video game character Bubsy the Bobcat has detailed his experience appearing in the trainwreck feature film 'Cats' which bombed horribly at the box office.

Last 6 Smash Ultimate DLC Fighters All Fire Emblem Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed that the last 6 DLC fighters will consist entirely of sword types from Fire Emblem.

Miss-Take: Cyberpunk Delay Frustration

More wisdom than Miyamoto.

Sony's Plan With PS5 Is To Do Sweet Fuck All

As the Playstation 5's unoriginal new logo permeates through the gaming world, Sony have made their next generation strategy abundantly clear — sit tight and watch Microsoft self destruct.

Half-Life Fans Unceremoniously Purchase $2000 VR Headsets

Life long Valve fans are one by one succumbing to the mega-corporation's plan to bind users into purchasing expensive VR Headsets for the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx.

Princess Peach's Hidden Dildo Found In Luigi's Mansion 3

Next Level Games have congratulated the zealous players who found Peach's favourite phallic shaped stimulator hidden inside hotel room 501.

Miss-Take: Button Mash Loading

Don't be afraid to smack your controller on the ground at the same time either. That method increases GPU productivity.

Fallout 76 Wins 2019 TGA's 'Game Of The Year'

The Game Awards 2019 host Geoff Keighley met with Era Error after the ceremony to explain how Fallout 76 controversially took out the Game Of The Year category.

EA Sports Release NBA Elite 11 For Holidays

EA Sports are reveling in the holiday spirit, re-releasing the disgracefully glitch-ridden NBA Elite 11 thanks to its religious properties.

Miss-Take: Bubble Bath Babes

Your Dad remembers. Don't touch his cartridge if he still has it.

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EA Present Stupid Kid With Lifetime Achievement Award

A clueless infant was brainwashed by mega gaming corporation EA after being the recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award for spending over US$50,000 on micro-transactions off his father's credit card.

WWE 2K20 Developed on Cheetahmen Engine

Under fire WWE 2K20 developer Visual Concepts has revealed the true issue behind the game's immense technical shortcomings.

Diablo IV Exclusive To WeChat Platform

Hot off the public's immense scrutiny for their handling of a Hearthstone e-sports player's Hong Kong protest, Blizzard has added more fuel to the fire at 2019's BlizzCon by announcing that the upcoming Diablo IV would be exclusive to the Chinese mobile app WeChat.

Miss-Take: Hideo Kojima's Name — Death Stranding

Kojima also claims to suffer from Narcissism Name-ophobia, and uses self-promotion as a remedy.

Blinx The Time Sweeper Put Down

Microsoft's once potential video game mascot was put down over the weekend, after no one could be bothered to pick up the trademark.

Raunchy Pilotwings Instructors Dishonourably Discharged

Great shame was brought upon Nintendo's highly prestigious "Flight Club" today, as details have emerged of skilled instructors Tony and Shirley recklessly committing sexual intercourse during a regulation session with a player on board trying to pass Class A.