Last Farmville User Finally Culled

After an emphatic exchange, the last user of Zynga's notorious Facebook game Farmville has been terminated.

PUBG's Latest Patch Adds 'N64 Turok' Filter To Engine

An upcoming patch for Player Unknown Battlegrounds will introduce a feature that alters the graphical fidelity with a 'Turok' filter which can't be disabled.

Real Reason Behind Nintendo's N64 Cartridge Decision Revealed

Recently surfaced documents from Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters have revealed a stunning proclamation regarding the company's decision to use cartridges during the N64 era which contradicts previous claims.

Waluigi Vows Revenge On Smash Bros. Creator After Snubbing

With the hype from Nintendo's E3 reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently at full throttle — largely thanks to every character from the franchise returning — not everyone is happy.

Bethesda Fanboys Still Crying Despite Elder Scrolls VI Reveal

In an extremely asinine turn of events, fans of Bethesda Softworks Elder Scrolls franchise are still ruthlessly demanding more from the series, despite two games formally announcing over the weekend.

Bethesda Fanboys Forced To Exclusively Cry For Elder Scrolls Sequel

A large segment of Bethesda Softwork's fan base has been left in disarray after the company decided to announce a new title in the popular Fallout series last week, leaving said fans in distress.

Video Game Casualties Eclipse World Population

A recent, exciting study has found that the number of casualties contained within the virtual realms of video games has finally eclipsed the real life human population currently alive today.

Billy Mitchell - The Tell All Interview

Recently disgraced psychopath and official Lance Armstrong of retro video games, Billy Mitchell has revealed the 'truth' behind his embarrassing fall from grace for the first time.

We invited the creep to our office, where he detailed his disturbing faults in their entirety.

Tweeter Thinks He's Smart For Purchasing Garbage Game At Launch

A virgin on Twitter has exclaimed to the world just how clever he was for buying a mediocre video game that no normal person in their right mind would have bought for the Recommended Retail Price in 2002.

Game Veteran Details Surviving The 16-Bit Wars

A veteran video game player has revealed the tormented ordeal he endured during the horrific 4th generation of video game consoles also known as the 16-bit wars. He took the time to detail his 'immense fight' to survive the era to none other than the most fucked up era of all, Era Error.