Nintendo Apologises For Switch Online With More Titles


Nintendo has responded to scrutiny regarding their subpar Switch Online update by announcing another 6 titles which the company assures is 'nothing but BANGERS'.

Remembering 'Gettin Shiggy With It'

It's been 24 years since Nintendo successfully propelled its own in-house superstar into the wacky world of J-pop. Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto's cover/remix of 'Gettin Jiggy Wit It' managed to sell over 64 million records, becoming Nintendo's top selling release at the time. Let's celebrate by analyzing the lyrical changes from Will Smith's original masterpiece made for the video game hungry Japanese market during the Nintendo 64's heyday.

Cinematic Trailer Enough For Moron To Place Pre-Order

An idiotic gamer susceptible to basic marketing ploys has again fallen trap to a giant publisher, after being convinced by a 30 second cinematic trailer to pre-order a game that hasn't revealed any game-play footage.

Michael Schumacher Gamer Chairs Come With Seat Belt


The estate of Formula One racing legend Michael Schumacher has commissioned a series of gaming chairs with a sturdy seatbelt attached that are set to become an integral part of any angry gamer setup.

Jake Paul Revealed As Cover Athlete For Latest EA Fight Night


EA Sports has resurrected their much requested Fight Night boxing series for current generation gaming systems. To mark the occasion, the company has chosen Youtube celebrity turned professional hat stealer, Jake Paul to grace the cover.

Moron Kicked Out For Holding Nintendo 64 Controller Wrong


A local numpty is now permanently banned from a Barcade after they were cluelessly caught holding a Nintendo 64 controller wrong.

Miss-Take: NiGHTS Into Dreams cApS LoCk Drama

The culprit is the same person behind the Resident Evil 'Revelaitons' 3DS box art drama from 2012. Yuji Naka also considers this error as a direct contributor to why Balan Wonderworld is such a critical disappointment all of these years later.



Yuji Naka Blames Balan Wonderworld On His Children

The man behind beloved Sega classics such as Sonic The Hedgehog and NiGHTS Into Dreams has blamed the woes of his latest title squarely on his young children.

What Happens When A Series X Is Plugged Into A Sony OLED TV


Being the sadistic psychopaths that we are, Era Error plugged a Microsoft Xbox Series X directly into a Sony OLED TV to see what happens. We don't give a damn.


Miss-Take: Trudeau Was Who Though?

Before reading his lines in the studio, Justin Trudeau would reportedly 'mask' his face with Vegemite — attained from a trip to Australia where he proudly watched the 'Hey Hey, It's Saturday' skit that disgusted Harry Connick Jr, live in the audience.