Walmart — Free Violent Game With Every Fire-Arm Purchase

After deeming violent video games as the most dangerous weapon on the planet AND the sole reason behind America's mass shootings, Walmart are now liquidating their redundant stock of violent games by giving away free copies with a purchase of any fire-arm.

Miss-Take: F.E.A.R Shotcum

Make sure you're playing alone... unless you don't mind your friends and family watching you #cumshot of course.

New Area-51 Game Just A Permadeath Endless Runner

The newest Area-51 installment will incorporate current social trends regarding the mysterious, Nevada military base.

Miss-Take: Crackdown Game Pass

"Crackdown 3 was very successful for the company."

Vape Pens Replace Cigarettes In Gears 5

The Coalition has revealed that cigarettes in Gears 5 will be replaced by vape pens to appeal to a younger, edgier market.

SHOCK! Super Mario Bros. 2 Is A Fraud

After several months of investigation, we can confirm it's time to Doki Doki Panic! Startling evidence suggests that Super Mario Bros.2 for the NES is nothing but disgusting plagiarism.

OUYA Funeral — Recap

A funeral for the failed OUYA game console was held a few weeks ago. We know, you didn't notice. Which is why we've documented the embarrassing proceedings for us all to gloat at.

Mewthree Announced For Pokemon Sword/Shield

Nintendo has sensationally announced that a new evolution of a fan favourite will be included in the latest Pokemon titles hitting the Nintendo Switch this year.

Miss-Take: Solid Snake

We're still disgusted by the events that took place in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

Loser Explains Hand Gesture During E3 Conference

An over zealous Xbox extremist shockingly details why he crossed his arms into an 'X' during Microsoft's E3 2019 conference.