Era Error Attending E3 2020

We have some absolutely incredible news to share with our amazing followers — is attending this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo!

Kinect Announced For Xbox Series X

Looking to make amends for their disastrous Series X 'game-play' showcase, Microsoft has announced the return of a mandatory peripheral for their next generation console to excite fans and the media.

Miss-Take: Bioshock Tennis Balls

2K games would later use the same patented "flat-edged-sphere" rendering system for Tennis simulation Top Spin 3, allowing for the most unrealistic ball physics ever witnessed by humanity.

Sony Shows Off PS5's Blu-Ray Remote

Sony has decided to drop a bomb shell on the gaming world this evening, revealing the most integral and anticipated part of the PS5 — the Blu-Ray remote.

Activision Assures Developer Behind Tony Hawk Remaster "Not Shit"

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has assured those skeptical of the latest Tony Hawk remaster that the series is now in safe hands after a long, tenuous run of abysmal entries due to incompetence.

Shovel Knight's Shovel Just A Giant Coke Spoon

Reports on the surprising disappearance of Shovel Knight from all store fronts reveal that the protagonist's shovel is actually a giant cocaine spoon.

Games With Lead Character's Name As Title

We've compiled an extensive and informative list of video games that feature the main protagonist's name as the title.

Infamous Boomerang Controller Returns For PS5

After receiving a mixed reaction to the reveal of the PS5's DualSense controller, Sony has decided to retract the announcement, reverting back to a polarising prototype not seen since E3 2005.

Retro Games That Somehow Utilise Ray Tracing

Many video game outlets are incorrectly reporting that the upcoming Crysis Remastered will include ray tracing on its Switch Port. Seeing how the hardware is incapable of utilising the technique, we've gone down memory lane to chronicle some classic retro games that also manage to pull off the impossible.

We Call Bobby Kotick's Personal Phone Number

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick recently gave out his personal phone number to 10,000 employees of the company yesterday in an effort to help alleviate distress during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to an anonymous source from within the company, we were able to obtain Kotick's phone number and decided to give him a call. He was not pleased.

Miss-Take: Secret PS2/Xbox Mode On Gamecube

This trick only works on models with a "Digital AV Out" port on the back.

Tetris 99 Online Opponents Actually Just CPU's

A recent data-mine of Nintendo's popular Tetris 99 has revealed that the game cheats its online component by simulating human opponents with CPU players.

Miss-Take: Resident Evil 6

Despite our efforts, he refused to reveal his inspiration for the logo.

New Bat Juice Flavoured Game Fuel Literally Poison

The latest energy drink to target video gamers has hit the market and it may not stay on shelves for long, as the recipe contains some startling ingredients.

Stupid Moron Places Barcode Directly On Cartridge Label

A retired grandma volunteering her time at a local thrift shop has endured a brutal verbal onslaught from a retro video game enthusiast, after she disgustingly placed a barcode on top of a precious cartridge label.

Corona Virus Replaces Cacodemon In DOOM Eternal

The Cacodemon has been replaced by COVID-19 in DOOM Eternal via an early patch to increase the game's fear factor towards players.

PSA: Your Current Game Requires Another Update!

It's been a draining week filled with exhaustive work and personal commitments. Thankfully I've managed to allocate a small amount of time to finally unwind and forget my troubles by immersing myself with a cutting edge video game that I've unfortunately neglected for a few weeks.

Red Ring Of Death (RROD) Returns For Series X

In a move that is set to disrupt the race for next-gen supremacy, Microsoft has continued to push on the front foot against Sony, revealing the bold return of an infamous feature that is sure to win back market share.

Miss-Take: Stadia Technical Achievement

The user is also a Google employee and achieved the feat playing Just Dance 2020 at work.

Dr Mario Disgraced; Loses Practicing Licence

Shocking news has emerged out of the Mushroom Kingdom today, as legendary pharmacist Dr Mario has been stripped of his right to practice due to negligence.