Fortnite Skin Included In Cyberpunk 2077

A popular Fortnite skin of an unknown, long haired man in a suit is a character in CD Projekt Red's upcoming game.

Project Milo — Where Is He Now?

After a decade in obscurity, we find out what happened to Lionhead Studio's annoying E3 2009 Kinect Demo.

Miss-Take: Cruis'n USA Model

The model search was known to be incredibly thorough in its execution, with Midway's executives interviewing 100's of women for the role.

Sonic The Hedgehog Movie: The Game Announced

The horrible movie trailer wasn't the only thing that dropped. Not content with the destruction of their beloved franchise in 3D, Sega has announced the next gaming disaster for the series.

Data Inside Randy Pitchford's 2nd Lost USB Revealed

Embattled Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has lost yet another confidential USB Stick. This time, inside a McDonalds PlayPlace.

Mature Online Gaming Sites Mostly Viewed By Corpses

A very important study from the ESRB has determined that 99% of people viewing a mature video game webpage are born on the 1st of January, 1900.

Miss-Take: Ciggy Shiggy

His ability to chain chomp cigarettes also led to the creation of the beloved Super Mario enemy.

Valve Forced To Actually Do Something

As competition in the PC market slowly erodes Valve's market share, the sleeping mega conglomerate has been forced out of its extremely comfortable gamer chair to act... after a few attempts.

EA CEO Blames Company Woes On Fired Staff

Under fire Electronic Arts CEO and capitalist rodent Andrew Wilson has blamed the 350 recently fired staff for the company's disappointing financial earnings over the past fiscal year.

Miss-Take: Winners Actually Use Drugs

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