Miss-Take: Resident Evil 6

Despite our efforts, he refused to reveal his inspiration for the logo.

New Bat Juice Flavoured Game Fuel Literally Poison

The latest energy drink to target video gamers has hit the market and it may not stay on shelves for long, as the recipe contains some startling ingredients.

Stupid Moron Places Barcode Directly On Cartridge Label

A retired grandma volunteering her time at a local thrift shop has endured a brutal verbal onslaught from a retro video game enthusiast, after she disgustingly placed a barcode on top of a precious cartridge label.

Corona Virus Replaces Cacodemon In DOOM Eternal

The Cacodemon has been replaced by COVID-19 in DOOM Eternal via an early patch to increase the game's fear factor towards players.

PSA: Your Current Game Requires Another Update!

It's been a draining week filled with exhaustive work and personal commitments. Thankfully I've managed to allocate a small amount of time to finally unwind and forget my troubles by immersing myself with a cutting edge video game that I've unfortunately neglected for a few weeks.

Red Ring Of Death (RROD) Returns For Series X

In a move that is set to disrupt the race for next-gen supremacy, Microsoft has continued to push on the front foot against Sony, revealing the bold return of an infamous feature that is sure to win back market share.

Miss-Take: Stadia Technical Achievement

The user is also a Google employee and achieved the feat playing Just Dance 2020 at work.

Dr Mario Disgraced; Loses Practicing Licence

Shocking news has emerged out of the Mushroom Kingdom today, as legendary pharmacist Dr Mario has been stripped of his right to practice due to negligence.

Stoner Somehow Dies In Kirby Epic Yarn

In a game where the feat is not supposed to be possible, a chronic marijuana injector has sensationally killed Kirby, creating immense confusion to the already dazed individual.

Bought A Micro-Transaction? You're A Gambling Addict

A startling new report states with absolute certainty that any person who purchases even just a single video game micro-transaction will eventually succumb to a gambling addiction.

PS5 Is Literally Two PS4's Duct Taped Together

Coming off the recent reveal of the strikingly familiar PS5 logo, Sony has showcased the chassis of the system, which appears to again borrow heavily from the current generation.

Bubsy's Cameo In Cats Somehow Not His Worst Performance

Irritating and much maligned video game character Bubsy the Bobcat has detailed his experience appearing in the trainwreck feature film 'Cats' which bombed horribly at the box office.

Last 6 Smash Ultimate DLC Fighters All Fire Emblem Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate creator Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed that the last 6 DLC fighters will consist entirely of sword types from Fire Emblem.

Miss-Take: Cyberpunk Delay Frustration

More wisdom than Miyamoto.

Sony's Plan With PS5 Is To Do Sweet Fuck All

As the Playstation 5's unoriginal new logo permeates through the gaming world, Sony have made their next generation strategy abundantly clear — sit tight and watch Microsoft self destruct.

Half-Life Fans Unceremoniously Purchase $2000 VR Headsets

Life long Valve fans are one by one succumbing to the mega-corporation's plan to bind users into purchasing expensive VR Headsets for the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx.

Princess Peach's Hidden Dildo Found In Luigi's Mansion 3

Next Level Games have congratulated the zealous players who found Peach's favourite phallic shaped stimulator hidden inside hotel room 501.

Miss-Take: Button Mash Loading

Don't be afraid to smack your controller on the ground at the same time either. That method increases GPU productivity.

Fallout 76 Wins 2019 TGA's 'Game Of The Year'

The Game Awards 2019 host Geoff Keighley met with Era Error after the ceremony to explain how Fallout 76 controversially took out the Game Of The Year category.

EA Sports Release NBA Elite 11 For Holidays

EA Sports are reveling in the holiday spirit, re-releasing the disgracefully glitch-ridden NBA Elite 11 thanks to its religious properties.