Miss-Take: Winners Actually Use Drugs

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As for the new FBI findings, it's nice to have some evidence to back our claims while we wait to receive our cheque in the Welfare office.

Arcade Cabinet With 4-Digit High Scores Saves Industry

The popularity of video game arcades has re-surged thanks to an old, obsolete cabinet with the ability to input 4-Digit initials at its high score screen.

Miss-Take: Oddjob Players Are Deficient

Tag a mate who's on the spectrum and can't handle a Snickers.

Nintendo President 'Retires' To Avoid #METOO Investigation

Damning allegations suggesting outgoing Nintendo America COO Reggie Fils-Aime engaged in sexual misconduct with a dopey, blonde princess have surfaced.

Miss-Take: Wii Shop Music

The real 'Totaka's Song'.

Bioware Staff Replaced With Giant Rats

The studio behind Electronic Art's highly anticipated 'Online RPG Loot Shooter' Anthem has been usurped by a family of money hungry rodents.

Miss-Take: Cuntra

The world could've been a better place.

Sony Fires Back at Microwaving PS4 Controller Claim

Sony Interactive Entertainment has sensationally responded to Era Error's claim that a PS4 Controller's battery can be optimised via a quick zap in a microwave.

Bungie Avoids Activision's Attempted Murder

In news that largely contradicts the history of video games, a Developer controlled by an overbearingly capitalist Publisher has somehow avoided its scheduled demise.

Miss-Take: PS4 Controller Longevity

Start your new year off right with this handy life hack for your PS4 controller. You can thank us later!