WWE 2K20 Developed on Cheetahmen Engine

Under fire WWE 2K20 developer Visual Concepts has revealed the true issue behind the game's immense technical shortcomings.

Diablo IV Exclusive To WeChat Platform

Hot off the public's immense scrutiny for their handling of a Hearthstone e-sports player's Hong Kong protest, Blizzard has added more fuel to the fire at 2019's BlizzCon by announcing that the upcoming Diablo IV would be exclusive to the Chinese mobile app WeChat.

Miss-Take: Hideo Kojima's Name — Death Stranding

Kojima also claims to suffer from Narcissism Name-ophobia, and uses self-promotion as a remedy.

Blinx The Time Sweeper Put Down

Microsoft's once potential video game mascot was put down over the weekend, after no one could be bothered to pick up the trademark.

Raunchy Pilotwings Instructors Dishonourably Discharged

Great shame was brought upon Nintendo's highly prestigious "Flight Club" today, as details have emerged of skilled instructors Tony and Shirley recklessly committing sexual intercourse during a regulation session with a player on board trying to pass Class A.

"Just a Bug" Says Anti-Consumer Game Company

A gaming company with a history of anti-consumer practices assures its customers that its latest anti-consumer practice is "just a bug".

Miss-Take: Resident Evil 4's Upskirt Surprise

Beta-testing was taking 5 times longer than anticipated until the taunts were integrated.

Death Stranding Just An Imagine Babyz Sequel

The big twist from Hideo Kojima's next highly anticipated video game has leaked.

Respawn Apologise With Free Apex 'Gamer' Skin

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has apologised to gamers by offering a free skin to make up for recent controversies.

Walmart — Free Violent Game With Every Fire-Arm Purchase

After deeming violent video games as the most dangerous weapon on the planet AND the sole reason behind America's mass shootings, Walmart are now liquidating their redundant stock of violent games by giving away free copies with a purchase of any fire-arm.