Remaining PS1 Classic Games Revealed

The remaining 15 unannounced titles for the PS1 classic were accidentally leaked by Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida via a furious Twitter tirade this afternoon.

Crackdown 3 Released Early With Grappling Hook Swing

In a desperate attempt to compete with Insomniac's Spiderman on PS4, Microsoft has released the unfinished Crackdown 3 and tacked on a gimmicky grappling hook swing mechanic at the last second.

Violence During The International: DOTA 2 Championship

Details have emerged of serious, physical altercations during the preliminary rounds of the multi-million dollar DOTA 2 Championship eSports event.

Nintendo Responds To N64 Mini Criticism

Just days after details of Nintendo's N64 Mini leaked to the masses, the company has sensationally responded to criticism regarding the line-up of games on the system - despite never announcing its existence.

N64 Mini Details Leaked

The highly anticipated but still unconfirmed miniature edition of the Nintendo 64 has taken an extra step towards legitimacy today, thanks to leaked promotional material for the console.

Rainbow Six Siege Users Defend 'Right' To Abuse Others

A week after Ubisoft banned offenders within its player-base for inciting hate speech in chat rooms, those users have fought back, citing violation of their gamer rights.

Last Farmville User Finally Culled

After an emphatic exchange, the last user of Zynga's notorious Facebook game Farmville has been terminated.

PUBG's Latest Patch Adds 'N64 Turok' Filter To Engine

An upcoming patch for Player Unknown Battlegrounds will introduce a feature that alters the graphical fidelity with a 'Turok' filter which can't be disabled.

Real Reason Behind Nintendo's N64 Cartridge Decision Revealed

Recently surfaced documents from Nintendo's Kyoto headquarters have revealed a stunning proclamation regarding the company's decision to use cartridges during the N64 era which contradicts previous claims.

Waluigi Vows Revenge On Smash Bros. Creator After Snubbing

With the hype from Nintendo's E3 reveal of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently at full throttle — largely thanks to every character from the franchise returning — not everyone is happy.