Chris Pratt Usurps Charles Martinet As Gaming Voice Of Super Mario

Reports have confirmed that Charles Martinet was forced to relinquish his position as the video game voice of Super Mario, after a fierce confrontation with Chris Pratt at Nintendo's Redmond headquarters.

Nintendo predicts OceanGate Submarine Disaster In Super Mario Land 2


Move over The Simpsons, another entity wants to claim themselves as the juggernaut of completely unintentional, loose ended predictions for low IQ social media users.

Microsoft Releases Perfect Dark Reboot Early To Combat RedFall Trainwreck

After watching one of the only Xbox exclusives of the year be torn to shreds online, Microsoft has decided to offset the blow by releasing yet another game before it's finished.

Game With 20% Meta-Critic Receives Game Of The Year Edition

Re-prints of video games are usually reserved for critical or commercial darlings. The publisher of one of the worst received titles of 2022 is running with a slightly different ideology...

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Rated R18+

Nintendo's highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. feature length animated film has received a restrictive R rating by the Motion Picture Association of America.

Bethesda's Todd Howard Showcases More Starfield Planets

Upcoming Xbox exclusive Starfield continues its media onslaught. Bethesda has assigned serial pest Todd Howard to continue spitting out garbage while exploring even more desolate planets than previously seen before.

Developer Fired After Asking For Female Co-Worker's Vertical Slice

A male video game producer has been fired after disgustingly asking to see a vertical slice from a female co-worker.

Miss-Take: Mario Kart Sequels

We can't believe it either... Please continue to consume the stellar for more predictable gaming crap that any idiot can comprehend.

SHOCKING! Next Generation PlayStation Called PS6

A harrowing revelation has leaked outside the hallowed walls of Sony Europe, infuriating PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan and placing the company hierarchy on the offensive against its own staff.

Miss-Take: Nintendo Slit

Cultural miss-understanding can't be blamed for the near miss. Reggie Fils-Aime thought the name was great.