Super Nintendo World — A Comprehensive Walkthrough

An Era Error intern was smuggled through Japan's strict COVID restrictions to infiltrate Universal Studios Osaka and report on the currently closed Super Nintendo World first hand.

Miss-Take: A Link To The Past

We'll wait...

Modern Gamer In Vegetated State After Playing Perfect Dark On N64

A modern gamer is left in a vegetated state after experiencing some of the most jarring frame rate issues in a video game known to man — Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64. 

Cyberpunk Wins 'Best Buggy/Janky Mess' At The Game Awards


The OG Xbox One version was a particular stand out in the category.

Miss-Take: Xbox Bombed In Japan

Microsoft's consoles have always bombed in Japan since it debut, exploding any hope of nuclear sales in the region for the American company.

Microsoft Acquires Sony & Nintendo For 1 Trillion USD

Not content with their behemoth US$7.5 Billion acquisition of Bethesda, Microsoft has decided to impulse purchase both Sony and Nintendo, effectively ending the video game console wars that has plagued the earth since the 1970's.

Look How PATHETIC This Video Game Prototype Is!

We've covered bad games before, but this rushed prototype by a developer who endured unnecessarily inhumane working conditions induced by their publisher is absolutely fucking shit!

Keanu Reeves Blamed For Cyberpunk 2077's Latest Delay

CD Projekt Red executives are now blaming the studio's structural and ethical woes during Cyberpunk 2077's development entirely on Keanu Reeves, attempting to ignite the #blamekeanu hashtag as a cover to hide under.

Miss-Take: The Curious Case of a Pianta's Intelligence

Professor Toadsworth's findings during his now infamous Isle Delfino holiday with Mario, Peach and several disposable slave Toads, explains why the Piantas thought Mario was the graffiti culprit despite arriving on the island after the crimes were commited. 

In regards to the unjust trial which denied Mario the right to defend himself in court, it is well known that Piantas are extremely racist towards Italian humanoids.

1080P Xbox Series X UI Causes Pre-Order Cancellation Mayhem

Microsoft is in damage control after every single Xbox Series X pre-order is cancelled due to the startling revelation that the upcoming 4k system will only utilize a 1080p UI.

Microsoft Changes Confirm To Y Button For Series X|S

In a major blow to Sony in their home market, Microsoft has sensationally changed the confirm button location, aligning with traditional Japanese sensibilities.

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Misss-Take: Bethesda's Seal Of Quality Under Microsoft

Microsoft has even reduced the size of Bethesda's quality assurance team as a sign of faith to the studio.

PS5 Fan Noise Benchmarks Revealed

We've gone hands on with Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 and given the system a rigorous noise test. Is it an improvement on the PS4's woeful acoustics?

"Anti-Anti-Vax" Edition Announced For Bill Gates' VACCINE!

Bill Gates has taken to a virtual stage for day two of Gamescom to announce a special collectors edition for his upcoming Series X exclusive launching with the system in November.

Microsoft Announce Series X Exclusive — Bill Gates' Vaccine! Control The World

Reeling off the difficult decision to delay Halo Infinite to 2021, Microsoft has wasted no time announcing a replacement exclusive for Xbox's Series X launch in November.

Top Ten Games For Women (Written By Filthy White Men)

Drawing inspiration from the Entertainment Software Association's recommended list of games for women, we've decided to compile our own list.

Child's Gaming Tantrum Brings Mother Into The Room

The decibel rating of a stupid kid's gaming tantrum has pierced the boundaries of the bedroom, summoning his mother who was very eager to discipline.

Nintendo Leak Reveals Infamous Super Mario 64 Sign's Text

A recent, massive leak of Nintendo source code has finally revealed what was written on the infamous pixelated sign inside Peaches Castle's courtyard in Super Mario 64. It's controversial, to say the least.

Halo Infinite Footage Running On OG Xbox One

Microsoft has sensationally responded to criticism regarding low graphical fidelity of the upcoming Series X blockbuster Halo Infinite, stating the footage was accidentally captured on an original Xbox One console.