Nintendo predicts OceanGate Submarine Disaster In Super Mario Land 2


Move over The Simpsons, another entity wants to claim themselves as the juggernaut of completely unintentional, loose ended predictions for low IQ social media users.

Let's cut to the chase, the billionaires who were dumb enough to embark on an imploding suicide mission at the bottom of the ocean happened, and your feelings on the disaster strongly rests on your opinion of one of the stepson's decision to attend a Blink 182 concert while the search for his dead stepdad was still underway. 'Say it aint so, I will not go' apparently didn't ring a bell. 

Memes, jokes, people strangely defending the wealthiest earners on the planet despite this occurring at their own expense, the OceanGate submarine has encapsulated us all in some way. Of course with any social phenomenon, there's stupid claims that The Simpsons have somehow predicted it first. (As they coincidentally should after existing on the planet for so long)

This brought great surprise to me during a recent playthrough of legendary Gameboy title Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, that Nintendo is no different, having hidden a destroyed submarine in one of the world maps. Those SICK fucks!

They even predicted the sub being eaten by a giant turtle!

The discovery made my body quiver in the sheer disgust of the situation. How could Nintendo, a company with such a family friendly image, hide such a tasteless easter egg in one of their games from all the way back in the early 90's. The company is a facade, and that needs to be brought to the world's attention.

I reached out to legendary deceased designer of the game, Gunpei Yokoi, to find out why he would decide to make tasteless fun of the OceanGate disaster all of those years ago, back in Osaka Japan.

"Yes, I predicted the death of a bunch of selfish Billionaire's during a cost-of-living crisis while designing a video game for children. It was incredibly difficult to achieve the feat on such primitive hardware with extreme memory limitations in 1992. The hardest part was knowing this disaster was going to happen in the first place, because of course that just simply isn't possible, and anyone who makes these connotations was born with extreme brain deficiencies and are an insult to the hard working people of the human race."

Absolute scum. I will never buy another Nintendo game ever again.