New Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Starter Turdtwig Revealed

GameFreak has revealed a special promotional fourth starter Pokemon for their recently announced Scarlet/Violet generation releasing Holiday 2022.


Through an online presentation held to celebrate this year's Pokemon Day, Game Freak surprisingly announced the next mainline Pokemon generation to arrive on Nintendo's Switch platform in Q4 this year. To coincide with the announcement, the three starter Pokemon trainers will choose from at the beginning of their adventure were revealed — Sprigatito (Grass), Fuecoco (fire) & Quaxly (Water) respectively.

However for the first time in the franchises history, more than 3 starter Pokemon will be available at launch for select users. Those that participate in an online competition held by Nintendo during the pre-order period have the chance to obtain the secret 4th starter Pokemon, Turdtwig for themselves on day 1 when the games release later this year.


To obtain Turdtwig, players are required to take a photo of themselves stabbing a large, authentic piece of shit with a stick, and posting it to one of Nintendo's official social media channels under the hashtag #pokemonscarletviolet. There will only be 500 codes generated of the Pokemon, so Pokemaniacs will have to get creative with their entries, as no other means of obtaining Turdtwig are planned for the foreseeable future.

The competition has already proven popular, with several entries already trending online, including this effort from one of our current interns who didn't consider the future ramifications of such an image trending online.

 Only one place a piece that big could come from.


As respectful and equal opportunity employers, we feel that it's important not to censor our employees in any capacity to ensure they reach their full potential on their own terms.Thankfully our decision is justified as Nintendo has already notified Era Error that we're currently a front-runner in the competition. It's hard to imagine 500 other entries eliminating ours, but it is a scary world out there.