Developer Fired After Asking For Female Co-Worker's Vertical Slice

A male video game producer has been fired after disgustingly asking to see a vertical slice from a female co-worker.

Video game development is a long and grueling process. Employees begin their careers with desires to create inspirational art only to see those aspirations slowly fade into obscurity, as their beings turn into a submissive mush that only exists to obey their publisher's bottom line.

Such low morale can push people to the edge only to snap unnecessarily at a moment's instance, which is exactly what happened at a development studio today. Without an ounce of critical thinking, a male producer was fired after asking a female co-worker to see the next vertical slice of their company's video game project.

For those who aren't aware, a vertical slice is a milestone that demonstrates progress across all components of a video game project. A demo if you will — an incredibly common phrase used across the industry.

That didn't stop low level employee Dikelene Kliter from presuming yet another male pig wanted to gasp at her teethy, inner lining.

"I went straight to HR and had that scumbag fired instantly under the company's zero tolerance policy. I may not shower or shave my legs, but I knew deep down he wanted to see my greasy pancake stack. Good riddance!"

A company spokesperson reached out to to address the scandal.

"We may have had an incredibly important milestone pending to appease shareholders for further funding that was missed, leaving the team completely void of financial resources. We've also lost our main producer, meaning the project is permanently unsalvageable which will result in 100's of employees about to needlessly lose their jobs.

"However as a company we completely stand by our knee-jerk reaction which lacked any internal investigation or complicit procedure, as it's left nothing but positive coverage from destructive virtue signaling sites like Kotaku and Polygon. In the end, that's what really matters in modern society."

"If this studio wasn't completely crippled, we'd change the term 'Vertical Slice' to something less sinister, like a 'Snatch Snap' or some dumb shit like that. I'll go grab my belongings."

Sure glad Era Error doesn't have an HR department otherwise we'd be on the street, just like our subject matter.