J.K Rowling Demands Transgender Pronouns Removed From Hogwarts Legacy

Outspoken creator of multi-billion dollar Harry Potter franchise has requested all transgender pronouns be removed from the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy, after a preview event showcased the inclusive options in a character creation menu.


Harry Potter creator J.K Rowling is not afraid to expel her true thoughts onto Twitter, and over the years she has made her negative stance on transgender culture in modern society explicitly clear, drawing hostile reception from the greater LGBTQ+ community. The controversy has placed rights holder Warner Bros. in a predicament, who have been forced to deflect the issue to ensure future projects in the franchise remain profitable.

No future project is bigger than Avalanche Software's upcoming Hogwarts Legacy, which received an extensive game play preview through Sony's mid-March State of Play showcase. While the footage did indeed look promising, most attention was drawn to a menu revealed in the 'Character Creation' section, where inclusive transgender pronouns are clearly a selectable option, contrary to Rowling's desires.


J.K was NOT pleased. 



"Gender is not a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans — Kids either have a giant Willy or gaping Fanny and that can't be changed — even in the fictitious Harry Potter universe where literally anything is possible. I'm glad Dumbledore isn't alive to see this, because just like a catholic priest, he believed in the sacred innocence of children and spent many an evening helping the first year students explore their natural sexualities in his chambers."

"Avalanche Software should be ashamed of themselves for perpetuating this low IQ bullshit. I specifically chose the studio to develop Hogwarts Legacy as they were located in Utah — I thought all of those states in the middle of America were supposed to be inbred, abortion hating, religious nutcase Trump supporters???"

Era Error would like to commend J.K Rowling for utilising Twitter, as taking screen grabs of far more successful people than ourselves is the pinnacle of this publication's reporting structure.