'The Flood' To Appear In Halo TV Series As Literal Overflowing Water

An upcoming episode of Paramount's live action Halo series will finally bring back a fan favourite.

Many people have been critical of Paramount's Halo television series. Based off the gaming phenomenon that cemented Xbox's place as a viable console platform in contrast to fierce competition from Sony & Nintendo, the writers of the show have taken several (and we mean several) liberties to appease to a wider audience.

Master Chief unveiling his face and faunicating with his cheeks out in the very first season (let alone ever) was perhaps not the best way to go about securing viewership from a loyal fanbase. They'll watch anyway, right? Turns out these types of decisions have become entirely deliberate, with many more to come.

"Gaming has never told a compelling story, so of course traditional means of media needed to take over" Said executive producer, Otto Bathurst.

"Video games are for children, and when the opportunity to make a quick buck off a meaningless franchise presented itself, I couldn't resist. The immense backlash from our arrogant plot alterations in the first season did catch us off guard, but after the second season's approval, we knew those cries were irrelevant, so why not take it up a notch? I've since watched a Youtube video of some loser playing through all of the games, which means now I'm carrying more than two weapons. Buckle up fanboys, this Banshee is losing control!"

"Will I have Noble Team embark to reach... for a pint of lager at the Cove n' Ant pub? Or perhaps I'll tell the backstory of an Elite soldier receiving his nickname after a trip to arbitration? Yes, to both of course. But my magnum opus. I've had a 'flood' of requests to feature this one..."


"I'd like to see AI produce this content! Those original Halo fans who are our harshest critics better start praising these awful interpretations of their beloved source material online, otherwise who knows how disrespectfully low the plot will plunge. I'm in power now and will do whatever I please at their expense!" 

Paramount has confirmed that season 3's production team will now wholly consist of a single AI bot. The first episode's plot will consist of Captain Jacob Keyes finding his keys next to a Pillar in autumn.