Game With 20% Meta-Critic Receives Game Of The Year Edition

Re-prints of video games are usually reserved for critical or commercial darlings. The publisher of one of the worst received titles of 2022 is running with a slightly different ideology...

Blasting a product's achieved accolades all over its packaging is a marketing pastime seen since the dawn of capitalism, and video games are no exception. Although a relatively new medium compared to other forms of entertainment, game companies have developed signature tropes to inform consumers of the prowess of the content at hand.

Initially beginning as budget re-releases of acclaimed games under console manufacturer lines such as Players Choice, Platinum Hits or Bill Gates' Finest Estate, third party publishers decided to take matters into their own hands, promoting their stellar titles under 'Game Of The Year' monikers.

The brand was initially conceived during a business trip to Epstein Island in 2002.

To no surprise for anyone with any understanding of the video game industry, a company is now looking to exploit the 'Game of the year' accolade, by placing it on one of the worst games of the year.

Lacking any self-awareness and desperate for free publicity, Era Error had no difficulty arranging an interview with the head CEO of the guilty publisher at hand.

"I don't see what everyone's problem is. It was a 'game' of the year, wasn't it?"

"It's not our fault that your Gran is an un-informed dumb fuck who buys anything with a shiny sticker on it for you. What's her number? We have a couple of telemarketer scams we'd like to run through her!"

"A game of the year statement is all about perspective. A 20% Metacritic and 0% user score looks like 100% when you take in all of the factors. For instance, our development team had to work 120 hour weeks for an impossible 6 month release date set by a clueless fuckwit (my assistant), only to have fans threaten to kill their families or stalk them at Starbucks during their precisely 5 minute a day allocated break time."

"Those same employees wont receive a bonus because sales will fail to hit an impossible milestone that I, uhh, my assistant, also set. If you don't buy this Game of the year re-release, there's literally zero percent chance of that happening and this whole mess is your entire fault, innit?"

After all of the horrible press the game received, it would be a great collectors item on the shelf to signify a part of gaming's history. GOTY editions are also known to contain new content and patches right on the disc without any need for an update, making them illusive to collectors.

"This GOTY edition doesn't even patch the game-breaking bug after pressing X on the title screen."