Remembering 'Gettin Shiggy With It'

It's been 24 years since Nintendo successfully propelled its own in-house superstar into the wacky world of J-pop. Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto's cover/remix of 'Gettin Jiggy Wit It' managed to sell over 64 million records, becoming Nintendo's top selling release at the time. Let's celebrate by analyzing the lyrical changes from Will Smith's original masterpiece made for the video game hungry Japanese market during the Nintendo 64's heyday.

Here we go
Wa, Wa, Wa, Wa
Let's-a go
That's, a, so, nice

Grab your controllers, press start, let's play
Video game pro, I know you know
I go psycho when my adderal hit
Just can't sit
Gotta get Shiggy wit it, ooh, that's it
Now Zelda, Peach come try
4 ports at one time, low frame rate no crime
You gotta 64 with a lotta Ninty games with it
Give a controller to your friend, split-screen
Ery'body only usin D-pads, glancin' at my stick
Wishin' they playin' blurry shit against the Shig
Here with this development pimp
left-middle-right, 3 handles in sight
Hold all 3
These tips are free, I designed the grips see
Jag-uar, Play-station, Sat-urn, 3-D-O
Give it up to Shiggy, Nintendoes what you don't
Wa Wa
Big Shiggy style's all in it

Gettin' Shiggy wit it,
(Ya-hoo, Ya-Ya-Ya-Hoo)
(Ya-hoo, Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya)
Gettin' Shiggy wit it,
(Ya-hoo, Ya-Ya-Ya-Hoo)
(Ya-hoo, Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya)
Gettin' Shiggy wit it,
(Ya-hoo, Ya-Ya-Ya-Hoo)
(Ya-hoo, Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya)
Gettin' Shggy wit it,
(Ya-hoo, Ya-Ya-Ya-Hoo)
(Ya-hoo, Ya-Ya-Ya-Ya)

 Widescreen LCD TV's have been available in Japan since 1956.
What? You wanna use CD's in your console?
Sony, Sega you'll fuckin fail
Trying to do what I did
Loading, uh, loading, uh load, done quick
In the middle of a game without any music
No love for cartridge haters, the low res berators
Mad 'cause I'm 256meg, not 700 M-B fakers
See me with expansion slot, dual stick I think not
Met Kutaragi, he told me I'm the greatest
I got the rumble, for the pak of a, vibration pleaser,
3D, play another from the prince of this
Consumers please, no RPG's, Platformers are the real G
FPS from the west, adventure to the east, 1080 to the north,
No third party hits, shareholders gonna go off, go off
Yes, yes, y'all, please understand
It's the generation of (GOLDENEYE)
Play it loud

Makin large video files
(Na-na, na, na, na-na-na)
(Na-na, na, na, na-na)
Makin MP3 soundtracks
(Na-na, na, na, na-na-na)
(Na-na, na, na, na-na)
Makin an N64 Mother
(Na-na, na, na, na-na-na)
(Na-na, na, na, na-na)
Makin an N64 Metroid
(Na-na, na, na, na-na-na)
(Na-na, na, na, na-na)

64 bits, 32 is shit
Multi-tap what?
Who else? Not Ninty
Livin' that brand life some consider a myth
Your mum calling your Sega the Nintendo Monolith
Women used to tease me
Till I shut their kids up, made them fanboys,
Since I moved up, sold them a ton of Gameboys
Sales to the maximum, but no blood or religion I be askin' 'em
Would you play PG games with the brother that's develop'n?
Never see Shiggy killin anythin
I rather sell games with Philips than Sony cos I'll flatten 'em
Thought I launched in Europe, but I didn't
Trust, no other country that be hittin'
Get N or Get out, low frame rates trippin
Crunching at the office in downtown Kyoto
You? Tryna outsell on me? I am Miyamoto

N64 Gonna fail in PAL
(Ya-ya, ya, ya, ya-a-nya)
(Ya-ya, ya, ya, ya-ya)
Dolphin has no DVD play
(Ya-ya, ya, ya, ya-ya-ya)
(Ya-ya, ya, ya, ya-ya)
We dont care bout Online
(Ya-ya, ya, ya, ya-ya-ya)
(Ya-ya, ya, ya, ya-ya)
F-Zero will die in 2004
(Ya-ya, ya, ya, ya-ya-ya)
(Ya-ya, ya, ya, ya-ya)




The greatest miracle of all is how these barely coherent, translated phrases somehow match the beat of the song when sung in Japanese. Now you're playing with fucking power.