Jake Paul Revealed As Cover Athlete For Latest EA Fight Night


EA Sports has resurrected their much requested Fight Night boxing series for current generation gaming systems. To mark the occasion, the company has chosen Youtube celebrity turned professional hat stealer, Jake Paul to grace the cover.


 EA CEO Andrew Wilson has released a statement to celebrate the announcement.

"At EA SPORTS, we always have our fans at heart. You've expressed your desires for a cutting edge, next generation boxing title and when I realised how much money is just sitting in everyone's wallets, we had to oblige. You see, money makes the world go around, and I like money. Our shareholder like money. I bet you like money. Even Floyd "Money" Mayweather likes money. Hey that's a boxer!"

"EA SPORTS Fight Night 22 will feature boxers that can be exchanged for money. We picked Jake Paul as the cover athlete because he also has an affirmation for money. The deluxe edition, which comes with a freshly 'stolen' replica Floyd Mayweather hat, will cost even more money, with a ridiculous markup guaranteed. Want some new apparel? That's some money. New arenas? Money. Ultimate boxer cards? Ooooh you better believe that's some money."

"EA SPORTS Fight Night 22 will release whenever there's a marquee boxing fight with marketing potential that can be leeched. Most likely Joshua vs Fury. I can assure you that any uncomfortable crunch period inflected on our developers because of a floating release date will NOT be compensated."