Respawn Apologise With Free Apex 'Gamer' Skin

Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has apologised to gamers by offering a free skin to make up for recent controversies.

The monetization strategies used in Apex Legends has come under mass scrutiny in recent weeks, after the latest 'Iron Crown' event appeared to gouge players of finances to unlock every skin available — potentially exceeding in excess of $150USD.

Despite EA's despicably anti-consumer capitalistic practices once again rearing its head in a time when the company should be humbled and conceding to win back consumer confidence, Respawn has been left to deal with the ferocious blow back from gamers. After initially trying to defend the actions of its evil, powerful overlord, Respawn eventually decided to make amends.

Respawn's Vince Zampella explains the free Apex Legends 'Gamer Skin in a community update post.

"Alright Asshats, we heard your temper tantrums, personal attacks and vitriolic public posts — you don't like it when corporations try to fuck you over."

"Personally, it pisses us all off that you wont just let EA have its way with you, because at the end of the day it's Respawn who constantly has to deal with calls from Andrew Wilson quoting Hitler during his rants about profit margins."

"However, because public image is everything these days, we've still decided to compromise and in-genuinely apologise to shut up the SJW's at Kotaku and Polygon from ruining our momentum."

"To make up for our errors, we've released a free gamer skin for your Apex Legends character. Suit up and let everyone know you're a whining little cunt with nothing better to do but harp on issues that aren't really a problem in the grand schemes of life."

"Now move your pointless toxicity on to your next witch-hunt. I heard 3D Realms developer VoidPoint put the word 'Ogay' on a shampoo bottle as a joke in their retro inspired shooter Ion Fury. I bet that must make you want to send some death threats to their families!"

Respawn's apology was taken in good humour from gamers worldwide, with only six letters containing Anthrax sent to their corporate office.