Death Stranding Just An Imagine Babyz Sequel

The big twist from Hideo Kojima's next highly anticipated video game has leaked.

Death Stranding is shrouded in mystery. As the first game from master developer Hideo Kojima since his sensational departure from evil Japanese conglomerate Konami, there has been considerable press and consumer attention with each glimpse of pre-launch media.

The pre-release marketing has been anything but conventional. Consisting of irregular drip-fed pieces of footage that ask more questions than they answer, the world is left to wonder just what the hell is going on in Death Stranding's narrative. With Kojima's history of thrilling twists and fundamental changes, there are plenty of wild fan theories circulating.

Kojima has a habit of hiding secrets in plain sight.

The only consistent theme is the main character Sam maintaining a human baby encased in a pod. As it turns out, that factor is indeed integral to the plot, as leaked material reveals that Death Stranding's inevitable big twist is that it's secretly a successor to the shovelware 'Imagine: Babyz' series.

Hideo Kojima has since explained his reasoning behind the decision.

"First of all, I don't know how you found out, but fuck you Konami for leaking the secret!"

"After my amazing track record, no one can comprehend how much pressure I was under to come up with a groundbreaking masterpiece that sent shock waves through the industry. I almost succumbed to it and was crying in the back corner of a cafe during a panic attack, when I glanced at an ad in an old magazine about those shitty baby games on the Nintendo DS."

Ubisoft declared the Imagine: Babyz franchise as abandonware in 2014.

"The idea was perfect. Not a single soul would expect me to make a gritty, psychological sequel to that garbage. I'm all about the element of surprise — especially when it makes absolutely no fucking sense and doesn't translate into a coherent gameplay experience — because my games are art, which gives me a free pass every time."

"Besides, the narc programmers will sort out the convoluted, technical mess that I leave behind. Not my problem. I'm just a visionary".

"If I had to clutch at straws (and I mean really), I guess you could say the whole baby thing is a metaphor for life. You're born, you pop out a carcass, you recycle stuff and you die. Pissing and shitting on the ground is a raw component of humanity, which is exactly why Sam and the babies do that to reciprocate the theme."

 "Do you see the deep connection I'm trying to make?"

No we fucking don't Kojima. If you're reading this, please send the number to your Acid dealer. We want in.