Era Error's Year In Review: 2021

We've noticed a few conglomerates on social media have created 'Year In Review' bulletins, allowing users to expose just how much data companies have on them. Seeing how fun it looked, we decided to give it a crack ourselves...




This is a warning to the rest of our staff. is a business, and when you turn up to work and use our ethernet network to jerk around, it loses us money, and time is money. If you don't turn up 2 hours before your shift starts and 2 hours after it finishes for free to git er dun, this is what happens until you comply. Defiance is a pay deductible offense.

And if I find out who is talking to the union, I'll fucking kill you! Or maybe threatening that through a few voicemails would be more appropriate.

Who will be next on the list tomorrow. Could it be you, Jerry?

PSA: To all of those people who have e-mailed stating that these supreme discipline tactics are illegal, every one of these meat-headed slugs signed a clearance of data leakage while using our network in their contracts.