That NPC You Ignored Is Dead

Didn't think that side mission was important enough to complete? Well now you have to live with the moral implications of your actions for the rest of your pathetic life, because that non playable character who was relying on you is dead.



"Oh but I already have a dozen bottles of milk in my inventory that I hoarded throughout my adventure. That side mission at the farm which awards a discount on 2 litres of milk is an unnecessary waste of time."

Yeah well it wasn't a waste of time to Bill 'Cow Titty Wanker' of Bilbo's Farm though was it? His prosperity directly depended on you occasionally spending a few bucks at their fresh from the source store, but because YOU thought you were better than them and their tasty milk, old Bill ran out of money.

That's right. All of the other NPC's in the game are not programmed to ever visit Bilbo and Sons Farm,
YOU were the only person who could have ever spent money there. Now that their only source of income has dried up, Bill had to eat his cattle, and then eventually withered away, leaving his children to fend for themselves.





"I just can't comprehend the arrogance of the player to ignore all of the prompts from the game to detour to my late father's farm. It just boils my blood. I swear if I ever see that cunt wandering around in public, I'm going to brutally kill them in what would appear to be a completely unprovoked murder, but will be completely justified in my mind." — One of Bill's children.

Hearing heartbreaking NPC stories like this seems to explain the age old mystery to why everything in video games is trying to kill us for no apparent reason. We're shit, inconsiderate people.