Sony Trinitron CRT Vintage Retro Video Game Television For Sale — Classifieds


We have the holy grail of classic video game televisions for sale at a very reasonable price and in immaculate condition. You don't want to miss this classifieds listing!


The Sony Trinitron CRT Vintage Retro Video Game TV has been shown nothing but love from its previous owner. Code named the KV-3S42, the beautiful 32 inch legacy picture is the only way to professionally bleed the image of low resolution retro video games to ensure your nostalgia is as arousing as you first remember.


 "Cathode Ray Tube is love. CRT is life." — Digital Foundry's John Linneman

A listing like this could potentially only come once in a life time. As retro gamers and losers who peaked 20 years ago lap up the remaining floating stock on online marketplaces and garage sales, stock of quality CRT's like this one is presumed limited.

Pre-lubricated connections ensure maximum compatibility to all of your classic hardware. The S-video slot has several metal pins broken inside its connector to amplify the high quality signal.



A series staple of Sony's Trinitron line is sturdiness and durability. What it weighs physically is equally matched with strength. Damage is no concern, particularly while transporting this gift of god to your house after you give in to your desires for a warm, phosphorescent glow to fill the hole in your heart that was left when your Dad went to the mall and never returned.


Don't believe us? We personally kicked the screen with some steel-toe work boots several times and the glass held completely in tact. Even throwing the KV-3S42 flat on its face, the beast survived.




The hardware underneath the hood is the most impressive aspect. Transistors, magnets, electro-guns and heat sinks work together through a network of copper cabling to provide the most incredible experience that users come to expect with the Trinitron brand. Images are drawn so quickly that lag is literally non-existent, thanks to a snapped metal funnel surrounded by strategically placed debris.


Purchasing this exquisite piece of timeless technology is the obvious decision. As such, it's time to realise the price required for your fantasy of glowing pixels and scan-lines to cum true. 


There are moments in life that define people — the kind you'll forever be haunted by with regret for not taking the enormous plunge. This won't be one of those moments, because you'll be buying this marvel of human engineering, irrespective of what your significant other thinks. Fuck them. Spoil yourself for once, King.


That's just over US$4999! (Not including pick up fee, eco fees, payment fees, heritage technology taxes & a bunch of others that we'll make up on transaction day)