Nintendo Leak Reveals Infamous Super Mario 64 Sign's Text

A recent, massive leak of Nintendo source code has finally revealed what was written on the infamous pixelated sign inside Peaches Castle's courtyard in Super Mario 64. It's controversial, to say the least.

Ever since Super Mario 64 released on the Nintendo 64 in 1996, gamers have wondered what was written on the star statue inside Peaches Castle's courtyard. 24 years later the sign has become a piece of gaming folklore, sparking multiple wild theories from people like ourselves who clearly have too much time on their hands.

One of the largest believed theories to circulate is the phrase 'L is real 2401', suggesting that Luigi is a playable character in the game. Unfortunately Luigi is no where to be found on the game's ROM data. However, during the latest leak of Nintendo's video game source code, a model of Luigi for Super Mario 64 was found, giving credence to the speculation.

Could 'L is real 2401' actually be the correct statement found on the sign? Of course not.

That very same Nintendo leak contains a higher resolution image of the courtyard statue sign, which ends nearly a quarter of a decade of classic, heartfelt gaming speculation.

The controversial image in question.

Although Nintendo has relaxed it's strict policy in vulgarity in recent years, the message would never have been tolerated by the company, particularly for a first party title with an E for Everyone ESRB rating. Game industry legend and director of Super Mario 64, Shigeru Miyamoto explains the sign's peculiar inclusion.

"During the industry's transition to 3D there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding whether or not our efforts on Super Mario 64 were going to be successful. Sure, looking back now it's painfully obvious that I've done enough quality shit to warrant my stallion status as the king of video games, but if Mario 64 was a failure, my career was over."

"I wanted to ensure that the cultural impact I left on the gaming world was intensely immense, so I included the barely legible texture as a joke to transcend generations and keep my creation in the spotlight. Even back in 1996 we knew that we could trick people to waste large periods of their lives trying to decipher the message. The sign is a symbolic reminder to our predictable, psychotic fan base that 'Shiggy will always be king.'"

Miyamoto ruthlessly attached this image with his statement.

"P.S: I can't believe our fans really believe we won't be releasing any first party games after Paper Mario for the rest of the year. As I said — PREDICTABLE. So long GAY Bowser!!!"

Well it's great to know that I wasted the vast majority of my life engrossed in the 'L is Real' mystery, only for the Shiggus to blow his hot load all over my face (and apparently my Nan's) with a cruel joke. Hopefully the rumoured Super Mario 3D remaster is the real deal, so the internet can systematically virtually bukkake him back in a joyous retaliation.