Halo Infinite Footage Running On OG Xbox One

Microsoft has sensationally responded to criticism regarding low graphical fidelity of the upcoming Series X blockbuster Halo Infinite, stating the footage was accidentally captured on an original Xbox One console.

During today's Xbox event, Microsoft showcased first party titles coming to their next generation Series X console launching this holiday season. The company began the show with the first ever gameplay footage of Halo Infinite, arguably the company's most anticipated title coming to the platform.

Unfortunately the reveal hasn't gone to plan for Microsoft, as the vast majority of so called fans of the Halo franchise have taken to social media to discredit the game, particularly taking issue with the game's 'underwhelming' next gen graphics.

Low fidelity graphics.

"I'm going to find the CEO of 343 Industries to murder them and their family because I don't like the graphics of a video game." Said one loser.

"These fucking cunts deserve to be raped like they raped my childhood memories. These graphics make me want to stick a fork in both of my eye sockets, pull them out, and then squeeze each ball with my chipped teeth so I never have to see such mutilated pixels ever again." Said another psycho, who was definitely fiddled by a teacher or something at a young age.

More low fidelity graphics.

"I will kill Xbox for what they've done to Halo." An EraError.com staffer.

Phil Spencer has defended his under fire development team at 343 Industries who are yet to make a fully competent game in the Halo franchise since taking the reins from Bungie in 2012, stating that any fears are unfounded as the company simply inserted the wrong footage into the event.

"Please everyone, you've got to believe us. This is just a simple misunderstanding. 343 industries placed their best employees in charge of splicing the Halo Infinite footage into Xbox's most important event of the generation, and just like anything 343 Industries touches, it got all fucked up."

Phil Spencer fears for his life due to the fan base that is supposed to love him.

"The idiots sourced their footage from the very first Xbox One model we released in 2013. You know the one, the ONE that was so god damn fucking shit, we spent the entire generation trying to fix it. So don't worry, Halo Infinite looks waaaayyyy better on Series X. I swear I'm not backtracking with my statement to avoid literal murder from a bunch of on the spectrum gamers either."

"Just don't be surprised if we delay Halo Infinite for a couple of years as we're having some problems with the Xbox One X version. The Series X rendition is shaping up totally sweet though. We just want them to launch at the same time."

Wait a minute, Series X and Xbox One X aren't the same thing???