Child's Gaming Tantrum Brings Mother Into The Room

The decibel rating of a stupid kid's gaming tantrum has pierced the boundaries of the bedroom, summoning his mother who was very eager to discipline.

"That's it! No Fortnite for a fortnight you little fuck! Every day you rush home from school to play that gimpy shit and cry from getting raped by other losers who somehow play more than you do. Face it son. you're shit!" Said the unreasonably angry mother, suffering from the first symptoms of menopause.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU MUM! NO WONDER WHY DAD LEFT YOU! I WISH I WAS ONE OF THOSE EGGS THAT'S WITHERED UP INSIDE YOU AND WAS NEVER BORN!!!!!" Screeched the child, oblivious to the fact his second outburst will have serious implications on his future gaming habits.

"Withered hey? I'll show you what withered looks like! Give me that Nintendo!" (The console was a Playstation 4)

The mother then hastily took a hammer to the child's console and left the remains on the floor for her crying son to mourn.


"You're lucky it's not the old days when parents were still allowed to whack hammers against their children's head to discipline them." She said.

"Ok Karen, you boomer!" Sobbed the kid.

We can not confirm or deny the outcome after the hammer was thrown, but it should be known that the child's Playstation Plus profile has not been active since the incident.