Stupid Moron Places Barcode Directly On Cartridge Label

A retired grandma volunteering her time at a local thrift shop has endured a brutal verbal onslaught from a retro video game enthusiast, after she disgustingly placed a barcode on top of a precious cartridge label.

Wilma Lockhardt was sorting through old video games and pricing them for sale during what was a then run-of-the-mill shift, when a psychotic loser entered the 2nd hand store and started harassing her over her practices.

"Initially I was going to throw the large box of old games into the trash compactor as I mistook them as a pile of worthless garbage, when my supervisor instructed me to grab the barcode labeller and stick a $5 tag on all of them. Then all of a sudden some creepy man came out of no where and started yelling at me." Said Wilma.

We apologise if this mass genocide is too graphic for our viewers.

"You're a stupid bitch Wilma. How could you deface those precious artifacts with your ignorance?! Did you not see the other 75% of surface space that you could've placed the sticker on? It's people like you that are the centre of all pain and suffering in this world! I hope you die!" Shrieked the retro aficionado.

"Look at you, you deadset dumbfuck! No idea what you've done. That piece of plastic you've destroyed is a Little Samson cartridge worth over $1100, and you've priced it at $5. Now it's worthless! I'll still take it though. Stop quivering like a baby and give it here now before I backhand you. I said GIVE IT HERE!!!!"

Normally we'd come to the defense of a vulnerable old woman, but in this instance Wilma was being a bit of a silly bitch and should've known the value of retro video games, consoles and their accessories. Lucky she wasn't arrested and thrown in prison for her heinous crimes.

If you want to let Wilma know what you think of her actions, hide behind your keyboard in the classic gamer style and send an aggressive e-mail directly to her at