WWE 2K20 Developed on Cheetahmen Engine

Under fire WWE 2K20 developer Visual Concepts has revealed the true issue behind the game's immense technical shortcomings.

WWE 2K20 has been subjected to an abundance of negative headlines since its lackluster reception on release. Players and reviewers alike noted that the annual game is an unforgivable downgrade, (especially compared to last year's installment) likening the quality to a subpar PS2 experience.

The series was developed by Japanese company Yuke's since 2000 and utilized their incrementally updated proprietary engine. However for unknown reasons, the reins were handed to Visual Concepts this year, who were thrown into the deep end — and it shows.

It was largely presumed that WWE 2K20's issues were a result of developer inexperience with the property, but as Visual Concept's CEO explains, there was one specific outlier that was the culprit.

"I'd like to see what those B.O drenched gamer nerds could make when crunched with the task of making a WWE game on the piece of shit CHEETAHMEN NES ENGINE!! Yes. That's right!"

The answer was there all along.

"Initially we were told we had 3 years to develop a new WWE title for next gen hardware. Then the publisher said they wanted a game out before Christmas. 'Oh, by the way, Yuke's engine that you're using. It's based on that infamously fucked bootleg NES game Cheetahmen. Oh, and all of the updates introduced over the years to make it legible are now gone. 
K. Thanks. Fuck you. Bye!'"

"Now that the world knows, I hope gamers stop targeting our personal residences with SWAT calls and aim their efforts at the Publisher. We did a damn good job with that Aids infested engine and no more of our staff deserve to die at the hands of trigger happy Police."

2K President David Ismailer explains WWE 2K20's bizarre development.

"First of all, it's not my problem. If they didn't want to deal with dilemmas like that, then maybe they should've became a corporate President like me. Instead they're all a bunch of peasants working in the 21st century's version of a sweat shop — gaming development."

Take Two's President, David Ismailer.

"Besides, I just gave them a visual concept to complete. Don't name your company that if you're not prepared to be given visual concepts. *laughs*"

"Okay, so WWE is particularly shit this year because it was built on one of the worst engines of all time, but the modern games weren't that good anyway. We just thought it would be funny to flex our power and give our slaves a challenge now that Yuke's and their technical progress is gone."

2K20's story mode really is a mess.

"At the end of the day, as long as we have a game out, filled with micro-transactions and a brand on it, dumb-ass consumers will buy it and our investors will be happy. I don't give a flying fuck about anyone else. How obvious do we Publisher's need to make it for you simple folk? Money talks baybeh."

In classic Era Error fashion, we're once again a part of the problem. We bought the game just to see how bad it was. Fuck!