"Just a Bug" Says Anti-Consumer Game Company

A gaming company with a history of anti-consumer practices assures its customers that its latest anti-consumer practice is "just a bug".

As the video game industry continues to transition into the controversial Games as a Service (GaaS) model to nickle and dime customers much like the arcade era, companies are trialing new methods to maximise revenue at all costs.

Many methods attempt to lock in consumers to a publisher's unique client so they can be constantly exploited for further subscriptions and purchases. Signing up for a profile is also heavily suggested, allowing publishers to track user data and control their habits for further capitalistic exploitation.

Usually the intended purpose of these systems are hidden under the guise that they are entirely optional and to the benefit of the end-user, but recent attempts are even more grotesque, becoming entirely mandatory to play the game.

The latest to press for leader of the predatory Anti-Consumer Practices Party is Rockstar, who has a vast history trying to push gambling systems into their video games. This week the company launched a unique client required for playing their PC games, only for customers to realise that the change has made it impossible to play games offline.

Rockstar's Sam Houser has since released a statement, announcing the change as merely a "bug".

"Just like Bethesda with their intrusive attempts to force a profile down your throats, Rockstar would like to apologise about removing the offline mode from GTA V. It was just a... bug. *laughs*"

"You see it's our god given right as a monstrously sized entity to risk incorporating anti-consumer measures and see if we receive any blowback. This time we were caught in the act. Congratulations. But just like an illegal narcotics syndicate, you may have caught this one, but who's to say we haven't snuck 5 more through while we used this as a decoy?"

"Besides, during that glorious 24-hour period where we had the entire PC player base connected to our servers, we gathered enough analytics to develop techniques to slave your brains (and most importantly wallets) into our games forever!"

"Just a bug."

"As we continue to slowly impose our agenda, users will only become more comfortable with it. 'Well at least this revenue scheme isn't as bad as EA with Battlefront 2.' Just face it, your willpower is now property of the video game industry. You will not win. *mwhahahhahahahahaha!!!!!!*"

Now that it is common knowledge publishers are looking to supplement past their initial purchase revenue, Era Error recommends our much loved viewers limit themselves to maxing out one credit card to its limit per game. Much easier to keep track of your debt that way.