Games With Lead Character's Name As Title

We've compiled an extensive and informative list of video games that feature the main protagonist's name as the title.

The following information is a direct result of over 150 correlated years of video game fandom and experience from our knowledgeable employees. We've carefully hand picked the most obscure examples for your reading pleasure.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

The highly lauded stealth series has seen Tom Clancy star as the Splinter Cell, and is voiced by famous Hollywood actor Michael Ironside.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Another Ubisoft property starring Tom Clancy in the lead role. This time Clancy reconciles ghosts in war zones in a hopeless attempt to set them free to heaven.

The Legend Of Zelda

Zelda (along with his trusty Master Sword & Hylian Shield) has been the sole protagonist of the series since its inception on the NES in 1986.


Planet Earth only has one saviour in the Halo franchise, and that's Master Halo. Players control Halo through his radical space adventures entirely in first person view, with his famous "Major Suit" only viewable on the box art.


A classic PC FPS that even predates the infamous DOOM, Hexen is a witch and the sole protagonist in a dark dystopian world.

Grand Theft Auto IV

Many believe that Niko Bellic (pictured) is the authentic name of the lead character in this popular title, but in his native country Bulgaria, it's actually pronounced and spelt "Grand Theft Auto IV".


Metroid's famous expeditions through space to stop Captain Hook and the Space Pirate's escapades have proven popular to this day. If you finish the game to a certain degree, Metroid removes his helmet to reveal that he is also in fact a Glam Rocker!

Jet Set Radio

A highly stylish skating game revolving around spraying graffiti, players control Jet Set Radio, a human radio who has set himself with jets to traverse the cell-shaded city.

P.U.B.G (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds)

The game that first popularized the Battle Royale genre, P.U.B.G centres its gameplay around 100 unknown players attacking each other simultaneously on the hopes of arriving to the pub first for dinner.

Everybody's Golf 2

You're a person right? That means you're included in the term "Everybody" and therefore it rounds out this stupid list, OK!

BONUS Fun Fact!

Although his name graces every entry in the franchise (39 in total), Tony Hawk is not a playable skater in any of his games.

We know the screenshot that we chose looks awfully like a character model of Tony Hawk in the first game on PS1, but truth be told, that's just because the graphics are so fucking shit. That's actually Elissa Steamer.