Data Inside Randy Pitchford's 2nd Lost USB Revealed

Embattled Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has lost yet another confidential USB Stick. This time, inside a McDonalds PlayPlace.

Randy Pitchford has created supreme levels of controversy in recent times. From allegations of siphoning Sega's money away from the infamously bad Aliens: Colonial Marines to fund different projects, to abusing fans of his company because of warranted criticisms, Pitchford just can't keep himself away from publicised scandals.

When news broke of a lawsuit from an ex-employee and friend accusing Pitchford of embezzling company money for personal gain, hosting parties where adults exposed themselves to minors and losing a USB drive containing confidential company documents accompanied with child-porn at a medieval themed restaurant, it seemed things couldn't get worse for the once loved but now maligned developer.

Gamers wanted to squeeze Pitchford's head after the Aliens: CM debacle.

That was until a 2nd USB drive belonging to Randy was found this week. This time, inside a children's playground at a local Dallas McDonalds. The alleged contents are once again shocking.

If you guessed there was a video of Randy engaging in Bestiality with a dog, you'd be wrong. It's much worse.

The contents of the USB Drive allegedly contains several videos of Pitchford coercing children to play with his big flop... Gearbox's 2016 release Battleborn. Randy forces the minors into fondling each other competitively with multi-player matches, and promises to show the group some 'magic tricks' after they participate.

There are also several photos of Pitchford performing magic acts on the children — allegedly hypnosis — to trick the kids into purchasing the failed game.

Pitchford sternly denies any wrong doing in an exclusive interview to Era Error: 
"First of all, I want to make it abundantly clear that the people I gave the marketing presentation to were 'barely-legal', as the game received a Teen rating and all participants were turning 13 in a few days."

"You see I'd already siphoned as much money as I could from Gearbox's other projects, so when the latest accusations suggested I was stealing from the company and in possession of child-porn, I needed another avenue to garner funds to defend myself before Borderlands 3 launches. What better way to do that than to surround myself with children and attempt to trick them into buying my failed Overwatch clone with magic?"

When asked why he keeps losing lewd and confidential data in weird public spaces, Randy replied
"Magic happens everywhere."

Where will Randy Pitchford magically leave a USB Drive next?

Pitchford then went on a sweaty tangent about Gamergate before blaming fans for his miss-fortune. He then repeatedly shouted "Aliens: Colonial Marines is a great game!" as large amounts of hair-gel ran down his face.

We decided to end the interview there but it does raise the question: What kind of CEO who is under immense public scrutiny and a law-suit that includes accusations of child-porn possession, would think it's a good idea to be at the forefront of the company's biggest ever game's (Borderlands 3) pre-launch?

One that is stupid enough to bring an unprotected USB Drive with confidential business secrets combined with a video of a barely-legal girl squirting fluid out of her vagina to a fucking medieval restaurant!