Tweeter Thinks He's Smart For Purchasing Garbage Game At Launch

A virgin on Twitter has exclaimed to the world just how clever he was for buying a mediocre video game that no normal person in their right mind would have bought for the Recommended Retail Price in 2002.

The video game item in question is Scooter Rooter 64 for the Nintendo 64 and it wasn't exactly an illustrious item on its late release for the platform on October 2002. In fact, the product was so unfavorably opinionated towards, that it bombed incredibly hard at retail, as any person with even the basic remnants of a gaming pedigree steered clear of the piece of shit. Unfortunately with such a limited quantity manufactured due to poor sales, Scooter Rooter 64 is now considered incredibly rare, and catches an extortionate rate to purchase from online sellers.

Scooter Rooter 64 is the only N64 game to release in a 'Baby Pea Shit Green' colour cartridge.

This brings us to the gamer at hand, Todd Avery. He came out on social media yesterday to brag about how 'smart' he was to purchase the game when it came out all those years ago on October 2002. He had this to say:

So I noticed today that Scooter Rooter 64 is selling for $600,000 on e-bay. Well guess who bought it when it first came out for RRP bitches? I'm so smart, I turned $60 into $600,000. (that's about 99999999999999999999999999999994345 Hyrulian Rupees) I bet all my gamer bro's out there are super jealous! Suck a fat one!

Era Error didn't waste any time ripping into the ignorant fucktard and immediately replied to the post as soon as we saw it:

Wait a minute. Are you gloating about being one of the only dumb cunts on the planet who was stupid enough to buy that product at launch? The whole reason that it's rare is because it fucking sucked. If you found it cheap at a thrift shop the other day, I would congratulate you, but to be gloating on the internet about being rewarded for being a spasticated fuckwit is being pretty much just that. You're a fully fucking retarded cunt dude. I bet your parents are brother and sister, and also ingested a ton of narcotics while you were in the womb.

N64 game are notorious for their blurry graphics.

Trying to incite a social media war, we had our newest Intern sitting at a keyboard ready to reply while we hyped him up by strangling him with a Wii Nunchuk. Unfortunately the reply we received was anything but aggressive.

Hello Era Error. This is the mother of Todd Avery. A quick glance onto my sons profile would reveal that he is only 13 years old and didn't exist in 2002 to make the purchase that he claimed to make. A second glance would reveal that my son is in fact a 'fully fucking retarded cunt' as he suffers from Aspergers Syndrome due to my husband also being my brother - We live in a trailer park in Manitowoc, Wisconsin so it's ok. As a result of your online bullying, we have decided to call the police to your work premises immediately.

Well, shit... hey? Luckily it definitely wasn't me that wrote the initial comment. At least, that's what we told the police as we blamed our 16 year old intern who was on his second day working at our office. He was arrested for Online Harassment and also for the brick of Heroin that the police found stashed away in our office that we were planning on trafficking at a later date. Good riddance to that troublemaker.

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