noun: satire
the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people's stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.



The Video Game Industry's prime source for blatantly incorrect information.

ERA ERROR is a parody of online video game publications which strives to be the Video Game Industry's #1 satirical provider of garbage content. Think the Onion’s version of IGN.

The idea for ERA ERROR lingered in the hearts of 3 casual-hardcore gamers for years until the industry's self-righteousness eclipsed unacceptable levels. In August 2017, we felt that it escalated out of control. The majority of Developers, Publishers, Youtubers, Streamers and Media Outlets alike were becoming unbearable. Something had to be done. We had no choice but to rise prominently from the confines of our sweaty arm-chairs, push away the Dorito's & Mountain Dew’s and prescribe our own concoction of harsh mediocrity to bring everyone back to earth.

ERA ERROR's signature is embarrassingly shit satire. The video game industry takes itself far too seriously and we want to expose its toxic traits with comedic effect for all to see. It's not just capitalistic corporations at fault either. Many new age media outlets and fellow gamers alike are trying too hard to be the next big thing and have forgotten why they played games in the first place.

This is why we have made it our mission to represent fun and humour. We all play games to have varied, enjoyable, interactive experiences and that is exactly what we aim to bring back to the forefront of this strange industry we were all brainwashed to love as children.


The content and satire of is loosely based in a fictional world known as the Errorverse. The characteristics of this universe are almost identical to real life except for a few key components which have injected themselves with steroids:

1. Any real life occurrences that also exist in the ERRORverse are amplified by roughly a thousand times due to the after-effects of the 32X Blast Processing disaster of 1994. Coincidentally, this helps us illustrate the constant hypocrisy and ridiculous stupidity of the video game business into an easy to digest package that everyone can understand.

2. The ERRORverse is purely satirical. Any grain of truth is exploited to attempt comedic effect.

3. Corporate greed reigns supreme. Capitalism is the predominant religion in the ERRORverse and currency is the only reason anyone does anything. Passion is a void emotion for Capitalists trying to make a quick buck in the video game industry.

4. Video Game Publishers are the greediest and most ruthless entities in the industry. Nothing will deter them from reaching their projected goals. Developers (The Devel) are their arch enemy due to their desires to please and entertain consumers with their expressions of art. There's a stark contrast between Publisher (evil) and Developer (good) which also happens to be one of the many underlying battles taking place in the ERRORverse.

5. Currency is the most potent drug in the ERRORverse. Publishers and other Capitalists in the video game industry are addicted to the high it emits and will do ANYTHING to increase their hoard.

6. Hardware manufacturers are in the same realm as publishers.

7. The homicide rate is ridiculously high. Murders occur regularly to little fuss. Members of the video game industry are often hostile to help achieve their wildest desires. People in general don't really care when others die either, just like in video games.

8. Consumers are considered the lowest of scum. Also known as Errorians, consumers are treated like expendable Lemmings who are believed to only be useful for their money and expected to believe every stupid, devious scheme undertaken.

9. Video game executives are some of the most egotistical and narcissistic people in the ERRORverse. Their personas and arrogance are unmatched.

10. Everything is more offensive than their real life counter-parts. The ERRORverse was founded on taboo subject matter. Violence, drugs, disgusting humour, adult themes - you name it! If someone could be offended by it, expect to see it, presented in comedic form.

11. Video game media and publications are pathetically shit at their job. Era Error included.


Our content is not intended to be consumed by people under 18 years old.

Era Error is completely fictitious in nature. The material is satirical and our structure is a parody of video game publications. Anything we report on is not true and we do not intend for our content to be taken seriously.

Our media is poorly crafted, pathetic and quite frankly not worth enraging over. Era Error is about keeping the industry grounded, with our signature irrelevant, out of control & no holds barred humour leaving nothing sacred. Any aspect of the video game industry is in our sights and we try our best to evenly distribute our targets.

Satire is an expression of free speech and protected by legal law. Any use of real names other than public figures who are the subject of our satire is purely coincidental and not intended.