What Happens When A Series X Is Plugged Into A Sony OLED TV


Being the sadistic psychopaths that we are, Era Error plugged a Microsoft Xbox Series X directly into a Sony OLED TV to see what happens. We don't give a damn.


Cross compatibility between competing video game platforms is a concept rarely seen in the industry. It's a pro-consumer motive that's usually blocked by the leading manufacturer as a means to maintain market share away from their competitors. Microsoft and Sony are two technology giants that have a broad range of products, so what happens when we combine two different pieces of their technology to create a non-incest, bi-organisational tech relationship? A Series X inserting it's junk into the orifice of a Sony OLED if you will.

Seeing as Era Error's dilapidated office setup only facilitates an OG Xbox with a blown time capacitor connected to an antiquated 1048x768 plasma display, this dangerous experiment required a field trip to a Best Buy to conduct.


When we arrived at Best Buy, we sent our dorky intern on a mission to distract the female TV salesperson while we committed our illicit crime against humanity. He was extremely successful, because the saleswoman was so repulsed by the pathetic attempt to gain her details, she called the police, and lethal discourse was administered, resulting in several unnecessary deaths at the hands of the police. (we really shouldn't have crossed the border into the United States)

With the intense drama creating a perfect decoy, we continued on our quest to watch the world burn from sacrilege. After combining the Series X display model to the most expensive Sony OLED in the store, the Xbox made a horrifying groan that could've been mistaken as Bill Gates climaxing on Belinda. The most entertaining aspect came when the OLED switched to the correct HDMI port in front of an irate mother with her young children.



Unfortunately despite my pleads not to do so, the Karen insisted on also calling the police on our shenanigans. If only she knew what she was doing.