1080P Xbox Series X UI Causes Pre-Order Cancellation Mayhem

Microsoft is in damage control after every single Xbox Series X pre-order is cancelled due to the startling revelation that the upcoming 4k system will only utilize a 1080p UI.

The news was revealed by several media outlets who were sent preview systems from Microsoft, but needed to wait for an NDA restricting certain information to clear. 

Although it is unknown whether the low resolution of the UI is because the interface is in a temporary, unfinished beta state or a permanent fixture to optimize system resources for next gen games, it hasn't stopped an abundance of gamers from over-reacting online about the issue. The freak out is so large in fact, that the entire allocation of Xbox Series X|S pre-orders have been cancelled, leaving Microsoft picking up the pieces in one of the company's darkest days in the gaming industry.

Xbox Series X UI running on a 4k HDR OLED Display/

"Billions upon billions of dollars and trillions of man hours wasted by Microsoft. 1080p? eww. Pre-order cancelled." — Playboystation69

"I wanted to buy the console to specifically play the UI exclusively. This is fucking disgusting anti-consumer bullshit! Cancelled." — Mental4hentai

"Have been an Xbox fan since day 1. Fucking betrayed! Called EB games to cancel my pre-order. The guy on the phone agreed with me so much he started clapping and cheering me on. Series X is a disgrace!" —Xboxcapacitatormasturbator

Microsoft's Phil Spencer was blunt in his retaliation to the heart breaking news.

"You know what, gamers and this industry can go and get fucked! I literally forced Bill 'Billy Goat' Gates to buy Bethesda for nearly 5 Billion USD and then this petty bullshit happens? Next gen is cancelled. I'm only loyal to those absolutely fucking retarded non gamer cunts who bought an Xbox One X instead of a Series X during the pre-order period. I wouldn't even need to delay Halo Infinite for those spastics. Now that's the kind of fanbase that I want."

Great to hear that Phil Spencer is a fan of the website.