PS5 Fan Noise Benchmarks Revealed

We've gone hands on with Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 and given the system a rigorous noise test. Is it an improvement on the PS4's woeful acoustics?


It's no secret that the PS4 is a loud machine. The ventilation is a common critical complaint towards the console as the cooling fans produce a deafening sound which can be distracting to the gaming experience. Worse yet, the sound can be so infuriating to non-players that it isn't un-common for people to be strangled by their significant other purely due to the noise produced.

Sony recently filled in many missing details pertaining to the PS5 via an online showcase leading up to the system's launch in November. It wasn't without its caveats though. Among a lack of pre-order dates or accessories like expandable SSD storage, many potential purchasers are wondering if the acoustics of the next gen machine have been improved.

Well wonder no more, as Era Error exclusively goes hands on with the Playstation 5, giving the system intense benchmark tests to reveal once and for all just how much noise you'll be tolerating for next-gen goodness.

Our hands were a little dirty. Can't remember with what though...


Initially PS5 owners will notice the substantially increased fan size compared to the PS4. Sony has decided to partner with vacuum technology pioneer Dyson Ltd to provide high powered fans to ensure the PS5's form factor can handle the immense power within the hardware without overheating. Great news for the potential longevity of the console, but there's only one way to find out if the audible efficiency is improved — a decibel test.

The PS5 is unfortunately incredibly loud, coming in at 140 decibels while running Fortnite which astonishingly compares similarly to a commercial jet engine. The notoriously noisy PS4 rates at around a mere 60 decibels, which is now starting to look like a whisper quiet solution.

An alpha PS5 flight taken during pre-launch.



It's not all doom and gloom for the console, as Sony has confirmed that the PS5 is adaptable for many applications rather than gaming. For instance, the suction power of the patented Dyson fans makes the system perfect for vacuuming when combined with the upcoming hose attachment available at launch. The PS5 can also be utilised as a replacement engine for many vehicles such as boats, hovercraft and of course aeroplanes. 



At such a critical time for sales performance of a new system before launch, many loyal Sony fans have come out to defend the unforgivable noise issue, claiming that it is in fact a feature.

"Just like the lack of proper backwards compatibility or free upgrades of PS4 games, standardized cross-play, no pre-order dates and many other consumer conscious features, I think it's great that Sony is again taking the inferior side of their product to screw consumers over. Even though my wife threatened to literally fucking slice my head off over the noise of the PS4, the even louder PS5 means that I won't be able to hear her moans at all, because she'll be sucked into the intake fan and spat out of the PS5's exhaust into little pieces of mush."


"Besides, at least Sony isn't like Microsoft dumbing down the next generation with two versions of their games, or even worse, like 505 Games not offering a next gen upgrade without an additional purchase. Huh, they are doing crap like that? Yeah, well Sony has more exclusives! Huh!?!?!?"

We can't wait to get our hands on a pre-ordered PS5 at the office on launch day. Only had to pay US$2200 off an Ebay scalper! Ahh console wars. They're definitely not dead.