"Anti-Anti-Vax" Edition Announced For Bill Gates' VACCINE!

Bill Gates has taken to a virtual stage for day two of Gamescom to announce a special collectors edition for his upcoming Series X exclusive launching with the system in November.

As Era Error reported earlier this week, Microsoft has revealed a new exclusive to launch with their upcoming next generation Xbox Series X console — Bill Gates' VACCINE! Control The World — after the shock delay of marquee title Halo Infinite into 2021. The game will allow players to control Bill Gates during his life long mission to conquer the world by implementing impossible technology into the brains of all humans via vaccinations which will grant him the position of 'King Of The Planet'.

Bill's words while on a virtual stage at Microsoft's headquarters were short but sweet.

"To all of those absolutely fucking spasticated, stupid cunts out there that actually believe I'm capable of micro-chipping people with vaccinations so I can mutate their behaviour into complete 100% obedience to myself, I ask you this question: How can I make you or your children autistic when you clearly already are, and I don't just mean on the spectrum to the point where you're incredibly intelligent like me either."

Billy GOAT didn't hold back.

"If you're that determined to believe your absolutely retarded conspiracies, VACCINE! Control The World will facilitate them on our amazing Xbox platform. The game is incredible, whether you'll be playing on PC or our powerful next generation Xbox Series X console launching in November."

"However if you want to take things further, the awesome items contained in the 'Anti-Anti-Vax' Collectors edition will allow you to role play your twisted fantasies about me in real life! Have a look at some of this absolutely worthless garbage exponentially marked up beyond belief for your enjoyment:"

A press release after the presentation has revealed that the collector's edition will retail at $79,677899 USD as the item has been classified as a medical product by the US government.