Youtuber Puts Own Obnoxious Face On Video Thumbnail

There is a time in every Youtuber's life when they decide to stick their obnoxious face on video thumbnails to imitate the annoying culture on the platform.

It's still a serious problem plaguing mankind — the tendency of gaming YouTubers to evolve into the most obnoxious pieces of shit on the planet on their quest for mainstream success.

The practice was first noticed when YouTube began to monetize users for their content, which led to creators acting like unbearable douches in an endeavor to engage potential viewership/revenue for their channels. The move defies all logic, as any normal human being would simply ignore the frivolous venture due to its overly unappealing nature.

As it turns out, complete, utter fucktardery appeals directly to the website's algorithm, rewarding scummy behaviour and ruining the platform's legitimacy.

Fascinated by the phenomena, I decided to take my gutter journalism directly to the source, becoming a career gaming YouTuber for a day. The next thing I knew, I had a new pseudonym, persona and exaggerated voice which led me to making absolutely stupid decisions that would ruin my life forever.

"Yo, whazz up YooToob it's your boy Dildo Baggins, vibin' to dazzle your day with my wicked antics!" 

"This video is all about my dead-set favourite game. The sickest hidden gem on the Wii aka Nintendo Slong — Conduit 2. According to Wikipedia the game is made by High Voltage Software who were the gnarliest developers on the platform. Now my dudes I haven't actually played it, *horn sounds* but I bought 500 copies of it off an Ebay seller who said it was super rare and in massive demand! If you want to buy any off me, hit the link in the description and don't forget to give me money on Patreon!"

"Now, before I read a generic description of Conduit 2 from crappy wiki articles over other YouTuber's footage who actually played the game, it's time to announce my rad sponsors of this video:  HIGH VOLTAGE SOFTWARE AND NORD VPN!!!"


"Don't forget to like, subscribe, share, threaten people on forums to view my crap and ring that fucking bell so you can see more of my butt ugly face constantly begging for money and selling god awful, low quality shit on your feed at all times. You know, instead of actually talking about the promised subject matter with any substance. It's all about meeee!!!!"

In the space of a single day, I'd accrued a $30000 debt, my girlfriend changed the locks on the apartment and I now have a very active Reddit thread of people slandering me and threatening to mercilessly mow me down in their car. The YouTube life sure is glorious!

Luckily I have Era Error to fall back on. This wonderful company has held me in good stead to this point. Hmm, I wonder if all these problems were brewing before my YouTube stint? Nah, definitely not.