Fallout 76 Wins 2019 TGA's 'Game Of The Year'

The Game Awards 2019 host Geoff Keighley met with Era Error after the ceremony to explain how Fallout 76 controversially took out the Game Of The Year category.

"No one said the game of the year winner had to be current or any good. Bethesda paid their money. Get over it!" Said Keighley.

EE: Ignoring the fact that Fallout 76 was a critically lambasted dumpster fire from 2018, the game wasn't even nominated for Game of The Year.

"You thought The Game Awards were a legitimate awards show? Haha!... Hahahahahahaha!!!!"

"Everyone knows the entire video game media is fixed and always has been. Gaming magazines from the 80's and 90's were literally ads disguised as objective opinion. Have you never read a review for a shit game that magically scored an 8 or 9 from IGN or Gamespot? The Game Awards are no different."

EE: Well if this whole night was a complete sham, why didn't your boyfriend Hideo Kojima take out the award for Death Stranding even though it was shit?

"He's the Death Stranding in my eyes!" Snapped Keighley before breaking into an emotional tangent.

"I was in a very serious, erotic relationship with Hideo Kojima after his breakup with Konami. Our connection was so deep that he included my likeness in Death Stranding to confess his love to me. Of course I had the walking simulator slated down as this year's game of the year the second it was revealed."

They did.

"Near the end of development Kojima stopped answering my phone calls. Next thing I hear is he's getting stranded up the back side by del Toro. So #fuckkojima and #fuckdeathstranding!"

"I moved on immediately and so has The Game Awards. Todd Howard and Bethesda just so happened to be there desperately throwing their money around to gain traction and it made me feel big and powerful so why not fuck around with them for a bit until I get bored?"

"Everyone knows who my true love is though. Now that Valve is making games again, the moment Half Life Alyx is released I'll be bouncing over to get my third serving of some supersized Gaben. In fact I've already locked it in as 2020's winner. Do you want to know who the G-man really is?"

EE: No.

EE: I said no.