EA Sports Release NBA Elite 11 For Holidays

EA Sports are reveling in the holiday spirit, re-releasing the disgracefully glitch-ridden NBA Elite 11 thanks to its religious properties.

NBA Elite 11 made headlines in 2010 after EA Sports released a fundamentally broken demo for the game, which evidently needed extra development time before hitting its release a mere 8 days later.

Amongst a vast array of other issues, a glitch known as 'Jesus Bynum' — showing then Los Angeles Lakers player Andrew Bynum stuck in a T-pose reminiscent of Jesus Christ — permeated through the online gaming community, turning the game into a laughing stock and helped push Elite 11 to its inevitable cancellation.

Representation of the 'Jesus Bynum' glitch in action.

In a strange turn of events, EA Sports have decided to return to the broken mess years later, releasing NBA Elite 11 as a religious holiday special in an attempt to inject some easy money into their Christmas sales. How you ask? By exploiting the 'Jesus Bynum' glitch.

"Everyone thinks our games are shit at the moment, so why not milk our shittest sporting game that never even released for a little bit of gravy money??" Said EA's Chief Marketing Officer Christopher Bruzzo.

"Thanks to the infamous Jesus pose, we've decided to turn NBA Elite 11 into a low-budget, seasonal game to extort some of that sweet bible money. I've seen the unlicenced games that idiotic community used to buy on the NES and I have no doubt they'll think our game is better than a second coming of Jesus!"

"We're going to double down on the faulty code and enable all players on the court to pay their respects to their lord and saviour at random intervals. We'll also shove in some random Christmas crap and a few guest characters like Jesus himself to round out the package. The game is still unplayable, but no one will care."

Jesus Christ has endorsed his inclusion in the game.

"My first choice probably would've been to appear in Mortal Kombat so I could kill a bunch of peasants but murder on the basketball court in NBA 11 Elite: Xmas Edition™ will have to suffice I guess."
NBA Elite 11: Xmas Edition™ releases on the 10th December and is no longer free, requiring $100 for purchase. The game has already spiked over 100 million pre-orders.