Rainbow Six Siege Users Defend 'Right' To Abuse Others

A week after Ubisoft banned offenders within its player-base for inciting hate speech in chat rooms, those users have fought back, citing violation of their gamer rights.

The conflict began immediately after Ubisoft enabled harsher moderation of its chat rooms contained in the popular Rainbow Six Siege, which resulted in several immediate bans of users for using racial, sexist and homophobic slurs as they occurred. Most members of the community praised the company for enacting the first steps to clean up online communication within video games, which is renowned for its incredibly hostile nature. Others - namely offenders who were prosecuted by the new measures - are not so pleased, stating their 'god-given right' to abuse others is now threatened.

"Those French fucks are trying to take away my right as an abiding citizen of the video game industry to abuse anyone I come across while gaming online!" Said 'ButtRagerInfinite007'

Excellence in gameplay is not a priority for ButtRagerInfinite007.

 "When I come home from work, I can't wait to crack open a cold one, fire up the old Playstation and let a bunch of 10 year old Asian kids have my piece of mind... and believe me, it's not pretty! I'm not a bigot either, I abuse all kinds of people. Women, Africans, tons of White Crackers, Homosexuals, Transgenders and Children. It's a form of meditation and how I unwind. Trust me, they're better off for it!"

For other offending users, the problem stems from the legal ramifications of companies taking away legal rights of players listed in the now dated Law of Video Games.

"Those lefty leaning bastards can't enforce these imposing measures. It's one of the laws clearly written in the video game constitution! You can't take the freedoms our forefathers provided away from us!!!!!" - 'AlphaFisterXXX'

Offending users have since banded together and formed the online guerilla group known as 'Gaming's Raging Abusers' or 'GRA', who plan to ruthlessly fight against any conglomerate who threatens to eradicate their right to bully whoever they see fit within the world of video games.

The GRA wasted no time and already held a summit, attended by over 100,000 people.

The news poises to bring the issue of vulgar/sanitary communication to the forefront of every gaming community and challenges to potentially change the way we all interact with people while playing our favourite video games.

I'm sure we've all enjoyed calling a close colleague or friend a "fucking ***** ***** ****** ********* ******* cunt" in the middle of a heated battle, but times are changing. Will it be for the better? Judging on society on a global scale in 2018, probably not.