PUBG's Latest Patch Adds 'N64 Turok' Filter To Engine

An upcoming patch for Player Unknown Battlegrounds will introduce a feature that alters the graphical fidelity with a 'Turok' filter which can't be disabled.

The developers at PUBG Corp. state the patch releasing to PC this week increases performance significantly and players should be extremely pleased:

"We've had this update in the pipeline for some time now and we're all just so excited to see it finally come to fruition." Stated Community Manager 'Chick_Ken_Den'.

"Since PUBG's initial release, fans have demanded extra performance from the engine, and we're finally able to complete that request. We've added a graphical filter which stylizes the renderer into a smooth and streamlined experience, which has allowed us to improve the frame rate by 5 FPS which reaches our goal of 17 FPS on high end machines."

"We've named the filter 'Turok' as PUBG's new style is quite reminiscent of early first person shooters found on the N64 platform during the 1990's. We've also increased the hideous fog which heightens the tense nature of gameplay as you wander around and have absolutely no fucking idea where anyone is coming from."

"Best yet, if you're playing the update on an OG Xbox One, you'll be scared shit-less while the engine skips along pushing a whopping 1 frame per minute until the next frame hits and you're fucking dead from lag. We're trying to push the Battle-Royale genre to new directions, and we're sure our fanbase will be stoked as we slowly convert the game into a Nintendo 64 title with each future update. We're so confident with our decision, that we're not even going to give players an option to disable the 'Turok' filter and it's absolutely not because we can't figure out how to code the prompt in the options menu."

Matches will also switch to a 'Turok' reminiscent 'Pen & Ink' mode when the action becomes frantic.

We reached out to to query why PUBG still runs at an abysmally shit frame rate, even with a Nintendo 64 styled filter applied to the game on a high-end machine and received this response:

"Because we're fucking shit developers OK!!!??? Our Korean parent company told us that if we keep throwing money and manpower at the engine, it would eventually work out. Well it doesn't help if we're all fucking retards does it?"

PUBG Corp. Employees working in harmony to attain another sturdy frame per second.

"Now, if you losers at Era Error don't stop with your harassing questions, we'll be provoked into legal action that we'll retract later when we realise we're not going to win!"

A permanent 'gameboy' shader may release if the 'N64 Turok' filter is successful.

The 'Turok' performance filter will release on PC later this week and will launch on Xbox consoles in the coming months once they figure out how to release a patch through Microsoft.