Super James Pond Creators Sued By MGM

28 years after the initial release of the first game in the series, developers of the long dormant James Pond video game franchise are facing legal action by MGM Inc. over infringements to its intellectual property.

Vectordean Ltd. and Millenium Interactive were left dumbfounded by the blindsiding lawsuit and a joint statement was released on behalf of both defunct companies by their Lawyer.

To say all parties involved are shocked is an understatement - particularly considering both development houses have been defunct for decades and can no longer be held responsible. We as a collective firmly believe that whoever is involved in the legal proceedings at MGM are on a power trip and don't understand how the law works in this matter.

The James Pond video game franchise is a parody of MGM's James Bond property and we are not disputing or hiding that fact as such a parody is protected under legal legislation. What we can not comprehend is why any legal action was lodged pertaining to an apparent 'infringement' that was related to a property discarded in the early 90's besides a pathetic mobile game in 2011.

A reboot on Kickstarter failed in 2013, which didn't deter MGM from filing the pointless infringement.

We'll turn up to court despite having no need as both companies are now long defunct, purely to laugh at the stupid fucks acting as Plaintiff.

We reached out to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for clarification on the legal proceedings and received a strange e-Mail directly from the CEO of MGM Resorts, Mr James Murren.

The reason I personally lodged this legal injunction is because I only just fucking realised this fucking infringement occurred against one of our fucking properties! So what if we're fucking 25 years late to the party and those companies don't exist any more? I'm the CEO of fucking MGM cunt and I do what I want!!!

I CANT BELIEVE THEY RIPPED OFF JAMES BOND INTO A FRIGGEN FROG AND CALLED IT POND!!! That's some bootleg styled shit I'd expect from the markets in Cambodia for Christ's sake! I don't care if it's some shitty little children's game, those developers are going to pay, with their souls!!!!

If you're wondering why I don't sue some of the large corporations involved that still exist today like Electronic Arts, that's because I'm fucking scared of them as they are legitimate and I like to bully the weak and little to make myself feel like a big man, OK? I'm also not being overly agitated over an incredibly small problem that doesn't even really exist, I'm in the clear to be super pissed off! Fuck James Pond, I'm going to get those Assholes!!!

We're not sure if it was an accident or done just to gloat, but James Mullen attached several incriminating images of himself associated with Cocaine to the e-mail which could explain his strange actions and demeanor.



We'll be following this story diligently as it develops through the courts.