Publisher Returns to Raunchy 90's Style Marketing

A prominent video game publisher has decided to revert back to its outrageous marketing style of the 1990's in a ploy to trick potential customers into buying their lackluster products. The most notable weapon utilised in the throwback campaign appears to be shock value, as many components of the company's advertising repertoire seem to be questionable inclusions to say the least.

Bandai Namco is the publisher responsible, but if it wasn't for a leaked report given to its investors in a shareholder meeting, the public may have never known they were the culprit. It is revealed in the document that Bandai Namco has plans to test out alternate marketing methods to gain an edge over its competitors in the high stakes video game market, but are initially looking into low risk options to minimise potential implications on its share value in case of a backfire. The report states that a long search through BanNam's own assets revealed that they are in possession of multiple defunct video game brands which could be resurrected as a scape-goat to ensure the differing marketing trial is fail-safe. Recent events point to a winner - OCEAN Software.

This past week has seen the launch of several questionable marketing campaigns with the OCEAN branding at the forefront. Interestingly, there's no trace of Bandai Namco's name in any of the materials despite it being the parent company responsible. All the evidence certainly suggests that the leaked information in the shareholder document is correct.

For instance, the dubious marketing tactics clearly seem to be part of a low-budget campaign. The first advertising released is for previously unannounced re-release's of OCEAN's retro video game catalogue - Intellectual Property that isn't going to set the ground on fire. The second component is utilising shock-value techniques reminiscent of classic gaming ads of the 1990's, taken to the next level. This approach is designed to offend modest people, with their outrage planned to spread viral through social platforms and generate free marketing for the company. The hope for the end result, will be for consumers to notice the otherwise lackluster games, ignore their rationality and purchase them due to mass hysteria alone.

The trial sets Bandai Namco up with several outcomes. If the extreme marketing campaign succeeds in selling uninspiring products, they can utilise the tactics openly under their own moniker. If it fails, the OCEAN brand takes the heat and will burn under the flames instead. Judging on some of the sample material below, we'll let you decide how this campaign is going to end for yourselves:

A representative for the newly re-launched OCEAN brand has released a statement to accompany their new products and marketing line.

No one cared or even noticed when the OCEAN branding went defunct in 1998, but I guarantee you cunts in the public will notice our return! OCEAN is back with a harsh new attitude which will insult absolutely everyone with no fucks barred - even if you're a gay transgender with suicidal thoughts! We don't care if you're offended. People are going to buy our shit products because of the value linked to your pathetic shocked responses on social media! Gearbox attempted the same marketing with their Duke Nukem Forever Remastered to remarkable success and we're going to do what the video game industry does best and blatantly copy their ideas!

The games we're launching are probably the worst we could've selected from our vast content catalogue to prove that substance doesn't mean a thing in this industry! Marketing is all we need to trick dumb cunts into buying our shit! Waterworld on VirtualBoy is possibly the worst fucking game ever made, but with a bit of mass hysteria, this shit is going to sell more copies than the porno featuring Hilary Clinton's moldy clit. (The Clitsons) Believe us, these games are fucking shit that you'll be buying. You're gonna buy Jelly Boy. You're gonna buy Wizkid on Xbox One X that runs at a lower framerate and resolution than its original release in 1992. You're going to buy our re-release of Street Hawk from the NES that we don't even have the rights to sell but don't care as the sales will eclipse our legal fees. You're our fucking slave. When we look at you people all we see is revenue. You're all dumb cunts who will buy anything we sell as long as the marketing is vulgar enough when you see it on Instagram or Facebook. We're going to make the Publishing Gamer God pleased with our ridiculous revenue from minimal effort. It's all thanks to you and your need to see the most fucked up shit on social media and throw your money at it. It's all your fault! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Bonus Material

As of the publishing of this article, Waterworld has sold 36 million copies, Jelly Boy 32.4 Million, Street Hawk 31,7 Million and F-29 Retaliator 28.7 million. I guess they were right about us! Prepare to see a lot more of OCEAN Software and their ridiculous marketing campaign in the future.