WARNING: Devastating New-Age Y2K Bug Discovered

A modern day glitch reminiscent of the infamous Y2K bug from the dawn of the new millennium was discovered by a hacker exploiting gaming code.  Coined as the Y2K18 bug — it exclusively affects video game consoles with an internal clock which can't be updated.

The potential ramifications are devastating for humanity to say the least.
As detailed in the Hack-lord's .pastebin file, once a video game console's internal clock reaches 00:00 in the new year of 2018, it will become sentient and hostile towards any living being in close proximity. The most staggering detail though, is that video game hardware manufacturers have known about the glitch since 2004 and failed to disclose the threat to the public domain.

We sent ex-CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI), Ken Kutaragi an e-mail to clarify his knowledge of the Y2K18 bug while he was at the helm of hardware development:

"Yes I was aware of theY2K18 bug's existence, from around 2004 or so. I didn't really care about it to be honest. We understood that our PS2 consoles would go on a murderous rampage for blood when the internal clock hits midnight on January 1st 2018, but there was also nothing we could do about it — there was no way to update the firmware to avoid it. There's no point worrying about shit that you can't control, you just need to get on with life. We ensured the PS3 would be updatable via the internet during its launch so we couldn't be sued for gross negligence. As long as I don't rot in jail, I couldn't care less how many people are slaughtered. We sold 155 million units, so there's bound to be a few. I'd watch out if I were you! *laughs*"

Notorious former Microsoft employee Peter Moore also graciously reached out to Era Error for comment:

"Microsoft learned about the Y2K18 bug in early 2004 and we were petrified. We thought we could update the firmware via our (then) new xbox live platform but unfortunately the glitch existed within the kernel and we couldn't update any consoles remotely. People thought the expensive hard-drive inside the original Xbox was why we streamlined its successor (Xbox 360) into production so quickly but it was actually the Y2K18 bug."

"The Y2K18 bug is so keen on destroying humanity that it tried to become sentient before its scheduled infection date. Luckily it started to destroy its own internal time capacitor by accident in the process rendering the console's useless. Several reports started hitting the media in 2014 but consumers were unaware of the reasons behind it."

"Even while launching the Xbox 360 we took precautions to ensure that we'd minimise the inevitable casualties coming in 2018, so we released a flawed console that would over-heat within a year known as the RROD (Red Ring of Death) until we came up with a design which would squash the Y2K18 bug once and for all."
Era Error can verify the existence of the Y2K18 bug. We plugged in a Dreamcast that was lying around our office and turned its internal clock to 00:00 January 1st, 2018. The console did in fact become sentient and hostile. I only just escaped in tact, narrowly avoiding a "Crazy Taxi" that was summoned to crash through our office window. Unfortunately three of our more forgettable employees didn't make it.

Dreamy the Dreamcast was not happy.

One of our loser employees that died.

We urge all people owning a non-updatable video game system with an internal clock to destroy the system or at the very least maintain that no power source is connected for the very sake of humanity! Please share this article to help save the planet! It's now up to you!