Cliff Bleszinski's smash hit "Lawbreakers" literally breaks the internet

Cliff Bleszinski, of Gears of War fame, has once again stunned the world with a spectacle that is set to surpass the great KK internet crash of 2011. Upon it's release in early August, Cliffy B's masterpiece dubbed "Lawbreakers", had a staggering player count of approximately 3120 players, not to mention a peak player count of approximately 4557 players shortly after. Following this gigantuous achievement, "Lawbreakers" has retained nearly 20% of it's mammoth fan-base, clocking in at an average of 786 concurrent players for the month of August.

Cliffy B sat down with us here at for a quick chat on the success of the game.

"First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us here at, you must be insanely busy after all the craziness of late?"

"Thanks for having me, it's a pleasure. It's always a relief to talk to games journalists who actually give a shit about truth in the gaming industry, everyone is so out of touch these days! And yeah, things have been fucken mental, Mein Fuhrer Reginald just got back from Japan and he managed to sneak in some A-grade snow. Everything's just been working out so well for all of us, it's just like the good old days again you know."

"So how did the idea for Lawbreakers start out?"

"Well, originally we just started fucking around with some old Quake III mods and having a bit of a laugh, I didn't really have any original ideas so I thought I'd just rip off a classic.  But then I had a vision you know, like, what if, what if there were slightly better graphics, like, not next gen graphics, or anything stylised or anything like that, but what if we improved them just a bit, just enough so that people would think that this was a fully fleshed out AAA game. Plus Overwatch has been doing pretty good lately, so I took a lot of 'inspiration' from that."

"Did you ever think this game could be so successful?"

"Oh of course, I knew it right from the start. Generic graphics, separate classes with little to no visual differences between them, micro-transactions and a gimmick to boot. Shit like that sells like hotcakes these days. And now is the best time to release a game like this, I mean, following the massive decline in Overwatch's player base, I just knew this was gonna be huge! And to think that only 10 years ago the internet didn't even exist, and now we can put our game on the Xbox marketplace and have nearly five thousand people playing the very next day, that's amazing!"

"And what was it like working with the team at..."

"Wanna know why they call me the rock-star of gaming?"


At this point in the interview, Cliffy proceeded to make a considerate offering, to which I politely accepted.

Clifford James Broflovski has been voted sexiest man in gaming for 5 years in a row

"Sniff, so what is it about Lawbreakers that you think has made the game such an instant success?"

"Man, oh man it's just like ,you know, you run around like crazy and shoot every motherfucker, and then I was like, you know what's kinda lame, all this gravity just holding everyone down all the time, you know, like everyone keeps saying that the white man keeps holding everyone down, but I've never even done that before, you know, like, it was just gravity this whole time. So then we took gravity out of the game and shit just got crazy man, and the characters, the characters are like, um, what's that, uh, that game we were talking about, Overwatch! It's like Overwatch but less inspired, none of the characters have any personality or anything interesting about them, which is great because I was like, if you give the character less personality, the player can let their own shitty personality fill the role you know!"


C.B's demeanour was intensifying.

"So then I was like, put a fucking chainsaw on that gun man that's insane! And make the dudes like super fucken huge, like fucken massive, and make everything explode in massive fountains of blood, aw yeah, fuck yeah, that shit really gets me hard. I'm like the Kayne of games you know? Like a genius of my time, but no one noticed before until now, did you even know I made Unreal fucken Tournament? And now I'm fucken huge man, like Marcus Fenix man, fucken Jesus 2, I'm flying to the moon you know!"

Unfortunately our interview with Mr B. ended abruptly due to the entrepreneur's busy schedule, but hopefully we will see him again soon.

Lawbreakers is Microsoft's first Xbox exclusive in over 15 years

For those of you who still haven't played Lawbreakers (where have you been!?), you can find hard copies of the game at yo....

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