In one of the saddest and most desperate attempts ever seen on social media to drum up engagement, we're offering two lucky people the prize of a lifetime — the chance to completely destroy the confines of our company's office! Details after the break.

That's right! You'll be welcomed with open arms inside the building that's curated some of the most fucked up ideologies within video game journalism, only for you and your best mate to absolutely destroy the passionate livelihood we've worked so hard on over the past 4 years in a matter of seconds.


 There's still plenty to smash out the back...


The steps required to certify a legitimate entry into the competition are incredibly simple. 


To ensure the maximum enjoyment of our competition winners, baseball bats, automatic assault riffles, axes, gasoline and a flame thrower will be provided on site at your arrival. (you'll have to provide your own PPE) Staff will also tolerate any verbal abuse you deliver while wrecking, no matter how vulgar. If your abuse grows to become physical, tolerance will be judged on a case by case basis.

The only thing winners will need to adhere to is to avoid touching our shrine of 200 copies of Gearbox's Battleborn. They're going to be worth more than Bitcoin soon — the entire immediate future of Era Error depends on it!

Acceptance of entries for Era Error's Head Office Bonanaza will close exactly 2 weeks after this initial post. Winners will be announced once all requirements have been received. Good luck!!

PSA: If you think this competition is real, there's no darting around the issue — you're some seriously fried rice!