Cyberpunk Wins 'Best Buggy/Janky Mess' At The Game Awards


The OG Xbox One version was a particular stand out in the category.

CD Projekt Red's recently released Cyberpunk 2077 took out the highly anticipated 'Best Buggy/Janky Mess' at 2020's socially distanced The Game Awards this evening, narrowly beating out EA/Bioware's Anthem for the crown.

Other contestants in the category included several Ubisoft games, Marvel's Avengers, WWE 2K20 and Buggsnax.

Keanu Reeves accepted the elusive award on behalf of his fellow slaves at CD Projekt Red via a direct video feed.

"Knowing that Cyberpunk 2077 has turned out to be an absolute technical disaster after the several years of crunching and sacrifice for the project is incredibly heartwarming. At least my time of suffering for the company is finally over, so I can look back on the painful memories and smile with aplomb."

"Fortunately taking out the prestigious 'Best Buggy/Janky Mess' means that the rest of the employees will continue to passionately develop Cyberpunk 2077 with 16 hour continuous days well into the unforeseeable future, and for that, we're incredibly thankful. Seeing the smile on people's faces when a bunch of unpredictable, random shit constantly interrupts them, detracting from the immersive experience like when a character's genitalia randomly shows through their clothes (my personal favourite), or when the game crashes and deletes their save, is the reason the developers drag themselves out of bed in the morning instead of shooting their brains out."



Keanu Reeves is not a stranger to CD Projekt Red's controversial crunch policies, having sacrificed himself to a cross in the pursiuit of helping the development team overcome the last delay. He resurrected 3 days later.