Era Error Attending E3 2020

We have some absolutely incredible news to share with our amazing followers — is attending this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo!

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (more commonly referred to as E3) has been an integral marketing pillar for video game companies to announce brand new products to retail chains and consumers for the past 25 years. Despite losing much of its luster in recent times, gamers still see the event as a much desired period on the calendar, particularly with the addition of regular people in attendance.

As Era Error developed into one of the most poorly run and discredited outlets in the history of video game media, our dream of attending an E3 as journalists appeared to be an impossible endeavour. That was until last week when we received an e-mail in our junk folder from none other than E3 themselves, granting Era Error entry into 2020's expo in Los Angeles for a small fee.

We can't thank the Entertainment Software Association enough for this opportunity. Although the 15000 USD initially sounded quite steep for the processing fee, it thankfully covers all flights and accommodation to the event. There were quite a few grammatical and factual errors throughout the proceedings on E3's behalf, but who are we to judge considering the garbage we push out of our own asses on a weekly basis?

In addition we scored tickets to attend Sony's PS5 reveal event coming up on June 4th which is also apparently in Los Angeles. It just required some extra credit card details, but thankfully our latest intern didn't mind stealing their mother's card after a little bit of peer pressure as ours was already maxed out.

This years' E3 is shaping up to be one of the best yet thanks to the impending launch of two next generation consoles and we can't wait to be front and centre while history is made. Our tickets grant COVID-19 clearance to enter the safe and orderly United States, so look out for our front line reporting in the coming days!