Sony Shows Off PS5's Blu-Ray Remote

Sony has decided to drop a bomb shell on the gaming world this evening, revealing the most integral and anticipated part of the PS5 — the Blu-Ray remote.

A press release from PS5 engineer Mark Cerny along with assets of the Blu-Ray remote can be found below.

"We've heard your plea for new information on the upcoming Playstation 5 and today, we're proud to announce something for you all to get excited about. Something more than a render of a logo or an image of a controller. Something more exciting than a video of myself rambling over geeky specs that only someone on the spectrum would care about perhaps?"

"Well cry like a wimping puppy no more gamers! Today we present to you a cutting edge PS5 component that will change the very fabric of gaming forever. That's right everyone, it's the PS5 Blu-Ray remote!"

"The PS5 Blu-Ray remote may look like a remote taken from one of our existing Blu-Ray players — and you'd be correct! The difference here is that it's now an official peripheral for the PS5 and even has the logo on it! It will retail for $120 and has 70 minutes battery life off a single charge. Almost enough time to watch a movie."

"The PS5 Blu-Ray remote is not compatible with any video games, but continuing with marketing trends in the video game industry, we'll be promising gameplay footage of the remote in action later today that will actually just be a still image on pause for 5 minutes."

The still image.

"Sony has so much more cool stuff that we can't wait to show you in the future. We're not telling you what or when though because... well... COVID-19? Yeah COVID-motherfucking-19! That's exactly why we're drip feeding you pointless info that no one gives a shit about. Has Microsoft announced the price of the Series X yet? No? Damn..."