We Call Bobby Kotick's Personal Phone Number

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick recently gave out his personal phone number to 10,000 employees of the company yesterday in an effort to help alleviate distress during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to an anonymous source from within the company, we were able to obtain Kotick's phone number and decided to give him a call. He was not pleased.

Our conversation with Bobby Kotick was quite colourful, as the following transcript describes:


Bobby: "Hello!?!?"

EE: "Hello Mr Kotick, I'm an employee at Activision Blizzard. I really appreciate your proposition to allow your staff to contact you personally. Unfortunately I find myself personally struggling with the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic and I've decided to take you up on the offer to share some of my concerns."

Bobby: "Are you serious!?!? Obviously that statement was a cheap PR stunt. As if I give a shit about anyone who works at Activision Blizzard. Every single employee — except for myself, and especially you — is dispensable and replaceable!"

"I'm still in shock someone was actually dumb enough to give my phone number a call. I'm a very busy man you see. I'm currently out in international waters watching a 5 year old boy fight a monkey on my cruise ship and I don't like my leisurely activities being interrupted!"

EE: "Please have some compassion Sir, your tone is..."

Bobby: "Would you shut the fuck up!?!? Oh man, I just missed the monkey trip into the pool and drown. That's it! I hope you've already brought all of your belongings home from the office for quarantine, because you're fired for being a worthless piece of shit! You better warn your ex-colleagues, because the next person that calls is going to face an unimaginable fate!"

*Bobby bluntly hangs up*


Bobby Kottick then proceeded to send the following threatening photo to our phone along with the text message "Fuck Bungie. Destiny 2 caused COVID-19!" which repeated over and over.
Kottick wasn't playing games today.

We'd hate to see his reaction if he found out we were actually employee's of Era Error. Who are we kidding, we'd love to see it.