New Area-51 Game Just A Permadeath Endless Runner

The newest Area-51 installment will incorporate current social trends regarding the mysterious, Nevada military base.

It's been some time since we've seen an entry in Midway's lamented Area-51 series. The franchise began with a couple of arcade light-gun shooters in the mid-90's and would lay dormant until a decent FPS entry on PS2, PC and Xbox in 2005, only to falter critically and commercially with 2007's Black-Site: Area-51 for PS3, PC & Xbox 360.

Since Midway filed for bankruptcy in 2010 and liquidated its assets to Warner Bros., it was presumed that many B-tier intellectual properties such as Area-51 would never see the light of day again.

Maybe Area-51 was C-tier.

According to Warner Bros. executive Jim Wuthrich, "Never say never."

"No matter how long a video game franchise lays dormant, it's never truly dead. A great publisher patiently waits until a demographic leaves itself open for commercial exploitation. That's exactly what we're seeing with Area-51."

"As soon as I realised a bunch of moronic space cadets were planning to raid the infamous Area 51 military base, I knew we were sitting on a gold mine. I immediately commissioned our cheapest and shittest development team to drop work on their upcoming credit card gouging GaaS children's title and embark on an insane 3-month crunch period to make the next Area 51 game for all platforms."

Warner Bros. Executive Jim Wuthrich.

"The premise is simple, you're just an everyday fuckwit scrolling on Facebook, when you notice you've been invited to a group that's planning an Area-51 raid. Without a remnant of a thought that it might have just been a joke, you've quit your job, left your spouse and on your way to a one-way kamikaze trip to the desert."

"Once your bus filled with other suicidal idiots arrives, you take your uniquely created player and run it straight at the military base. Once you've pressed A, you can't stop. The player can jump, duck and dodge side to side to avoid obstacles, grenades, gun-fire etc but that's it. As soon as you're killed by a mindless U.S Marine, that's the end of the game. There is no redemption."

"I'll also let you in on a little secret. Even if you make it to the military base, there are no winners. You may get a glimpse of an unidentified alien for half a second, but it will be impossible to take a photo and you'll still receive a game over screen. Oh and your character will still be permanently executed — just like those people who attend in real life *laughs*"

"We're also including a counter-operative mode. Players will control a blood thirsty marine and attempt to kill as many civilians running into the base as possible. Scores will be posted onto the leader-boards and the highest totals will win a special, "secret" prize in the future."

Area-51 (2019) launches on every platform known to mankind on September 20. The Era Error staff are excited to sink our teeth into the game — once we make it back to the office after successfully storming the base and seeing some Alien booty for the first time.