Gamer Pissed That Arbitrary Character Not Included In Smash

An Otaku man is failing to come to terms that his beloved game character from an obscure series that no-one has heard of was beaten to the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster by a useless Piranha Plant.

The self proclaimed lover of Cosplay 'when it relates to Hentai' made rash comments on the latest Nintendo Direct's Youtube page which revealed the entire launch roster of December's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Not happy about game director Masahiro Sakurai's decisions, he let his unfiltered opinion known to the world.

"I can't believe a useless fucking plant in a pot and the shittest Pokemon in the universe made the roster and not Yoyo from 1996's Bahamut Lagoon on SNES. She didn't even make it as a Spirit! Anyone that disagrees is simply not a Virgin and doesn't know what they're talking about as they haven't wasted their life looking up weird, obscure Japanese shit like me. I may have a disgusting beard and incredibly filthy fingernails, but I know more about Japanese video games than the hermaphrodite sex doll that is Sakurai!"

Remember Yoyo? She's the character talking... to the right?

"I didn't go to work to watch the direct and this is what that dumb cunt included into the game to repay me? Yoyo is a god-tier chacter and should be considered before Waluigi, Geno or Banjo! I'm no longer buying this fucking trash game. A GOD DAMN FUCKING PLANT AND A RETARDED CAT-BEAR POKEMON???? FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The 3 steps of despair when your favourite character doesn't make the Smash Roster:



Era Error reached out to the Otaku freak for comment but apparently he was already arrested for child porn charges and unable to comment.

After watching the direct, we honestly think the inclusion of Incineroar and the Piranha Plant are fantastic additions. We're not even saying that to troll people this time. We really mean it.