This section was created to deter entities from suing us for defamation by exemplifying our fictitious nature. We are a satirical video game publication who is completely full of shit and lies. Anything we report on is not true and we do not intend for our content to be taken seriously. Our material is poorly crafted, pathetic and quite frankly not worth enraging over. Instead, we suggest laughing at us at our own disposal and maybe deprecating yourself a bit in the process. Era Error is about keeping the industry grounded, with our signature irrelevant, out of control no holds barred humour leaving nothing sacred. Any aspect of the video game industry is in our sights.

Again, please be that cool dude and defer from taking legal action against us... Please?

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The content and satire of is based in a fictional world known as the Errorverse. The characteristics of this universe are almost identical to the video game industry and society of actual life, except for a few key components which have injected themselves with steroids:

1. Any real life occurrences that also exist in the ERRORverse are amplified by roughly a thousand times due to the after-effects of the 32X Blast Processing disaster of 1994. Coincidentally, this helps us illustrate the constant hypocrisy, ridiculousness and stupidity of the video game business into an easy to digest package that everyone can understand.

2. The ERRORverse is purely satirical in nature. Any grain of truth is exploited to attempt comedic effect.

3. Corporate greed reigns supreme. Capitalism is the predominant religion in the ERRORverse and currency is the only reason anyone does anything. Passion is a void emotion for Capitalists trying to make a quick buck in the video game industry.

4. Video Game Publishers are the greediest and most ruthless entities in the industry. Nothing will deter them from reaching their projected goals. Developers (The Devel) are their arch enemy due to their desires to please and entertain consumers with their expressions of art. There's a stark contrast between Publisher (evil) and Developer (good) which also happens to be one of the many underlying battles taking place in the ERRORverse.

5. Currency is the most potent drug in the ERRORverse. Publishers and other Capitalists in the video game industry are addicted to the high it emits and will do ANYTHING to increase their hoard.

6. Hardware manufacturers are in the same realm as publishers.

7. The homicide rate in the ERRORverse is ridiculously high. Homicides occur regularly to little fuss. Members of the video game industry are often hostile to help them achieve their wildest desires. People in general don't really care when others die either, just like in video games.

8. Consumers are considered the lowest of scum. Also known as Errorians, consumers are treated like expendable Lemmings who are believed to only be useful for their money and expected to believe every stupid, devious scheme undertaken.

9. Video game executives are some of the most egotistical and narcissistic people in the ERRORverse. These people have personas and arrogance larger than the biggest pop-stars and sports people in the Universe.

10. Everything is more offensive than their real life counter-parts. The ERRORverse was founded on taboo subject matter. Violence, drugs, disgusting humour, adult themes - you name it! If someone could be offended by it, expect to see it, presented in comedic form.

11. Video game media and publications are pathetically shit at their job. Era Error included.

Updated 03/07/18

This section contains information on the completely fictitious entities of the ERRORverse and the differing traits of real life counterparts.

Abandoned Baby Shy-Guy: Crappy DLC character for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Alco Edition: Special Collectors Edition released early by Rockstar for Red Dead Redemption 2 to keep their mentally deranged and alcoholic fans at bay. Killed one of Era Error's interns.

Alienware: PC manufacturer that extorts clueless wannabe gamers into paying exorbitant prices.

Alienware Plasma Extractor 2-Sec: A fucked up, overpriced PC which is literally made of garbage and features multiple used sex toys. A useless piece of shit which Era Error rated 10/10.

Andrew Wilson: CEO of Electronic Arts. Could be the reincarnation of Hitler.

Angry Patron #1: Destroyed an annoying EB clerk and summoned the infamous Giant Enemy Crab to attack his weak point for massive damage.

ARK: Survival Evolved: Could be about Dinosaurs, Halo or even Masterchef. No one has any idea. All that anyone knows is that Errorian's paid for it long before it was finished and the creators made a fuck ton of money without even completing it.

Artii Atarii: Winner of the inaugural MasterChef Gamer. Addicted to Jag Shell.

Asset Analysis: Era Error series that examines random assets from the enormously vast library of video games created throughout history - Even pre-dating the Dial-up era! Also known as Ass Anal.

Bandai Namco: Publisher behind recent offensive and raunchy marketing campaigns reminiscent of the 90's. Owns OCEAN Software.

Barbie Video Game (NES): Could be mistaken as pixelated porn. First video game CartCuck played on social media to attempt to destroy the value of the retro market.

Barry Reynolds: Father of GemGem2000. Accidentally organised a potential gangbang for his daughter involving his work colleagues.

Bethesda Fanboys: Relentless scum who will not be pleased irrespective of offerings.

Bill "The Billy GOAT" Gates: Creator of Microsoft and extremely homicidal maniac. Will do anything for Microsoft and Xbox to succeed. More money than sense.

Billy Mitchell: A cheating con-artist who once held world records for Donkey Kong and Pac-Man. Murdered the OG Donkey Kong from 1981.

Billy's Hot Sauce: A re-purposed bottle of Clorox. (bleach).

Birdo: A strange transvestite thing from the Mushroom Kingdom. Waluigi's mistress. Also fathered several fucked up children with the freak.

Bethany Andrews: Popular girl who attended Guitar Hero Player's hilariously shit party after watching a live-stream. Deny's sucking off GHP.

Bethesda Softworks: Specialises in creating garbage VR video games.

Betting Frenzy II (BF2): Straight up gambling portal masked as a video game app. Press a button to donate money straight to EA.

Bong Ripper: NES video game accidentally published by Nintendo in 1987. Worth US$500,000 and is the holy grail of video games in the ERRORverse.

Book Club Nerd #1 (BCN1): Attempted to kill Guitar Hero Player during GHP's agonising performance of the game at his own house party. BCN#1's actions covered under the Guitar Hero Defence ACT of 2008.

Boxing Glove Kid: 8 year old suburban child who thought he could handle the intense violence depicted in video games. We proved him wrong.

Call of Duty: Battle Royale-Fare (CODBRF): Created by Activision to cash in on a popular game mode in the FPS genre by blatantly copying its competitors.

CartCuck: Famous Retro Video Game Collector and member of the RVGL. Made ridiculous amounts of money from his collection. Actually hates video games and is out to sabotage the market now that he's made enough money. Planning a massacre to destroy every retro video game on the planet.

Cathy Bates: BBW Pornstar in the ERRORverse.

Champion CheatComp Cunt (CCCC): Winner of a CheatComp season.

Charlie 'Sell-Bot' Brown-Nose: EB Games clerk and notorious upseller to customers. Recently annihilated by a patron sick to death of his practices and torn a part by a giant enemy crab. Leaned about the Publishing Council and was assassinated by the Gamer God before leaking information.

CheatComp: League that consists of shithead gamers climbing video game leaderboards by any means necessary. Scored by how obvious it is that cheats were used by contestants to attain top top place. The more unrealistic or impossible the score is, the more points.

Cheezy Dorizo: Disgusting gaming delicacy seen in MasterChef Gamer.

Chubbs Tubber: Seven year old fat kid who accidentally hacks gaming websites in his quest for more food.

Clifford 'Cliffy B' Bleszinski: Developed a few stellar and memorable video games in his prime. These days he likes to invest and create video games that no one in their right mind is going to play.

Crypt of the NecroDancer Switch Edition: A video game falsely re-engineered as a CryptoCurrency to scam CryptoCuck idiots. Sold 5 Billion copies as a consequence and is the best selling video game of all time.

Conduit 3: A fucking unwanted, crap game that unfortunately exists in the ERRORverse. Created by Tim Willits.

Cunt Dicks (CD): Horribly juvenile colloquialism for Compact Discs.

Dad's Custard: Random jar found in Phil Polygon's childhood fridge. Don't drink it. It's not custard.

Destiny 2: Loot Crate and gambling simulator. Odds are a trillion to one to unlock a bronze helmet.

Developer: Intentions are to please and entertain consumers with video games as their expressions of art. The good guys who Errorians love. Publishers treat Developers as slaves and nicknamed them the 'Devel' as capitalism is not their #1 concern.

Development Camps: Prisons or 'Camps' for exiled Developers who were sacked by their company's publishing arm for being too righteous to Errorians. They are forced to work in slave like conditions completing grinding tasks that no one else wants to. Could be considered similar to 'Concentration Camps' of the second world war Well, the conclusion is the same.

Dick Johnston: Serial keyboard typer in the pursuit of pissing off every single one of his colleagues.

Don Tecmocarti: Absolutely disgracefully shit video game journalist with 30 years experience. Recently hired by Era Error despite writing an defamatory article about him a mere month prior.

Donald Trump: Nothing needs to be said about this fuckwit. Eats Cheeseburgers in his racing car bed and loves the Sesame Street NES games. 

Donkey Kong (1981): Brutally murdered by Billy Mitchell in his basement.

Duke Nukem Forever Remastered: The infamous ex-Vapourware game was released to a modern market to jump on the trend of Social Justice Warriors and manipulate their outrage as marketing.

Duke Nukem 3D Toilet: Inspiration Sprite that has influenced many for the better.

Elder Scrolls: Ballmunch: The official name of the franchises 6th rendition. Name is not yet revealed to the public.

Electronic Arts (EA): Arguably the biggest deadshit game company of them all. A junkie to the currency and could be the reincarnation of the German Nazi's.

Era Error: An incompetent video game media outlet that specialises as the prime source of blatantly incorrect information. A sinking ship.

ERRORverse Kill Counter: Measures the amount of casualties written in our pathetic fiction.

ERRORverse University (EVU): The predominant University in this society. Specialises in ridiculous studies that contain unbelievable statistics.

Fanboy High: A release of endorphins due to successful endeavours by a patrons favourite gaming company's. Incurs an incredible amount of delusion.

Filip Coulianos: Lead Level Designer at Hazelight Studios. Used as a sacrifice to the Gamer God who made him pay for his employers sins.

Floppy Disks: Worthless and redundant form of media storage.

#Floppydisklol: Hashtag campaign designed to antagonise a loser hipster who purchased 1 million floppy disks in the aim of becoming rich from his investment. Became incredibly popular, with many teens taking photos of themselves destroying floppy disks to prove how worthless they truly are.

Gabe 'Gaben' Newell: Currently clinging on to his position as head fat cunt at Valve. Devours games in development like Doughnuts. In 3's of course.

Gamer God: The CEO of the publisher who makes the most money in a financial year, is elevated to god status by the Publishing Council and has the ultimate say in all decisions of the video game industry. Current Gamer God maintained the title for too long and and is now out of control and corrupted by the power.

Garbo: A version of Nintendo's Labo for the lower socioeconomic demographic. Delivered to low income earners and contained inside an old VHS tape. Narrated by Shigeru Miyamoto.

GemGem2000 (Gemma Reynolds): A female streamer on Twitch who gained an astonishing follower increase of 10000% by accidentally popping her tits out.

George Michael's Ghost: NPC in Duke Nukem 3D. Found in a bathroom cubicle sucking off an Alien.

Grubby Tubby Greed (GTG): An erotic ritual where CEO's will take off their shirts during executive meetings and start rubbing their fat, grotesque stomachs to signify that they've found a new way to rort an industry trend which to satisfy their greed for currency. Is also a prayer to the Gamer God.

Guitar Hero: A once popular video game series in the music genre that is played with plastic instruments. Currently the most hated and uncool video game on the planet. The Nickelback of games.

Guitar Hero Defence ACT of 2008: Grants anyone permission to kill someone playing Guitar Hero in a public space to protect society.

Guitar Hero Player (GHP): 20-something year old male who ruined his life after attempting to play Guitar Hero at a house party. Brutally beaten as a consequence.

Halo: The protagonist of the Halo video game series.

Halo 1 Grass Texture: A pretty amazing rendering of grass for its time. Don Tecmocarti would penetrate it if he could.

Halo 6: Conduit: A fucking shit video game based in the Halo Universe but borrows heavily from the crappy Wii FPS series The Conduit by the shit cunts at High Voltage Software.

Hazelight Studios: Producing video game 'A Way Out'. In EA Publishing's bad books over implementing favourable features for consumers.

Hiroshi Yamauchi: Legendary and ballsy ex-Nintendo President who is sorely missed. Loved watching gamers give their game cartridges blowjobs. Also the only person on the planet to use the left grip of the Nintendo 64 controller.

Ingle Woods: Loser, druggo hipster who purchased 1 million floppy disks in the hope of selling them at a surplise years in the future. Turned into a giant floppy disk and was murdered by one of Era Error's interns with a magnet.

Jag Shell: Grounded Atari Jaguar shell. Illegally sold as a powder by dentistry companies who were using the shells as covers for their equipment. The gnarly drugs used in conjunction with those machines soaked into the plastic and gives an instant intense high when snorted.

James Pond: A video game parody of MGM's James Bond. Became the centrepiece of a law suit filed by MGM's Cokehead CEO in 2018.

James Murren: CEO of MGM. Massive Cocaine abuser and power tripper. Loves a pointless lawsuit against a small firm to make himself feel like a big man. Main conspirator behind the James Pond legal action.

Jill Grant: Idiot streamer who devoted her life to running over pedestrians in Midtown Madness which is an impossible feat. Achieved her goal after Bill Gates intervened. Currently trying to replicate achievement in Midtown Madness 2.

Johnny Ellis: Head of Activision's Developer Relations and spokesperson for all PR tied to the company.

Jordie Alexander (ChickMagnet_69): owner of rival site Virtual Vindicator. Sexist and incompetent asshole.

Josef Fares: Director at Hazelight Studios and the video game 'A Way Out. Threatened to be detained into a Development Camp by EA Publishing over a free feature that pays in favour of the consumer.

Josh Tailer: 26 year old, religious nutcase who is offended by everything. Asked the Gamer God to punish the developers of Need For Speed 2 for being racist. Was punished himself with lightning bolts instead.

Kaleb Andrews: Maximised his BBW Porn habit thanks to his addiction to typing with Mechanical Keyboards.

Keiji Inafune: Level-5 Comcept Director. Ex Mega Man Director and creator of the piece of shit Mighty No. series. Now lives in a cardboard box in the Nishinari ward and smokes Cracked Jag Shell while developing his next game.

Ken Kutaragi: Ex Playstation CEO who knew about the Y2K18 bug. Doesn't care that people will/have died because of it.

Kevin Spacey: Hollywood actor with pedophillic tendencies. Directly involved with the development of CODBRF.

KLOBBer Lang: Speed runner predominantly specialising in Goldeneye 007 for N64. Discovered the infamous "Oddjob" glitch which requires players to stick a controller up their asshole in Goldeneye.

Ko Shiota: Nintendo Hardware executive. Loves to release Hardware with outdated components as new features to save money.

Lego 'Mom's House' Brick Set: A realistic construction which could reflect your pathetic life. It reflects ours!

Little Billy Jones: A 12 year old ADHD sufferer who's occupation revolves around chucking tantrums and being a shithead online while playing video games. Sponsored by Mountain Dew.

Lootboxes: Video game mechanic that allows Publishers to utilise gambling mechanics to children. A plague on the industry.

Madden NFL 06' (X360/PS3): E3 trailer promised graphics that still aren't possible today. Game sucked balls as it missed several key features.

Masahiro Sakurai: Creator of Kirby and Smash Bros. Has an infamously strained relationship with Waluigi which has occurred for several years.

MasterChef Gamer: Cooking show specialising in disgusting gamer dishes.

Matrix: Computer simulation of mankind which is a great tool for Universities to gather statistics on video games.

Mechanical Keyboards: A 'key' contributor to severe addiction tendencies upon users.

MGM: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Company that triggered a pointless lawsuit against a long bankrupt developer over a dormant video game franchise.

Michael Dell: CEO of Dell and Alienware. Another executive addicted to currency. Loves to extort clueless, wannabe nerds and baiting them with sex toys.

Midtown Madness: Video game developed by Microsoft Studios for PC in 1999. Open world racing game with pedestrians that can't be run over. Jill Grant successfully achieved the impossible feat when Bill Gates intervened.

Mighty No. 12: A sub-par plagiarism of Mega Man. Is going to be 'Fucking Sick' and contain every single component ever made for a video game and more! - According to Keiji Inafune.

Mountain Dew: Sponsors obnoxious gamers and rewards them for their juvenile actions.

NaggingWife_75: Annoying bitch.

NecroCrypt: A fake CryptoCurrency based on the Nintendo Switch release of Crypt of The NecroDancer.

Need For Speed 2 (SE): A racist video game with inconsistent and incorrect locales. Created by Electronic Arts in 1997

Nintendo Seal Of Quality: Medal awarded to brave soldiers who fought in the '16-bit war'.

OCEAN Software: Old video game company resurrected by Bandai Namco to use as a scapegoat under a questionable and offensive marketing practice reminiscent of the 90's.

Oddjob: An incredibly lewd and erotic Goldeneye 007 (N64) glitch which requires players to chuck a tantrum, fuck up their hardware and stick controllers up their assholes. Halves competitive times. Discovered by KLOBBer Lang.

Ouya Video Game Console: A laughing stock and butt of many jokes.

Panos Panay: Microsoft Executive who is constantly high on drugs.

Pathetic Sprinkler (F.L.U.D.D): Crappy DLC character for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Perfect Dark -1: Sequel to the amazing Perfect Dark (N64) and the atrocious PD Zero (X360). In development by ex RARE staffers at Playtonic Games. Set to be another disaster.

Peter Moore: Former Xbox CEO who created the Red Ring Of Death (RROD) failure on Xbox 360 consoles as a precaution to avoid their machines becoming sentient. Also why the time capacitor in OG Xbox's leak and destroy the console.

Phil Polygon: Survivor of the 'tragic' 16-bit video game wars. Did not survive our interview.

Phil Spencer: Current Xbox CEO and delusional about Xbox's position in the gaming market. Enjoys destroying their already decreasing market share with stupid decisions.

Phillip Huey: Incarcerated inside a mental asylum and tortured with Mechanical Keyboard by its staff members for their own amusement. "He deserved it for being such a pussy!" One woman said.

Playground Games: Underestimated the vulgarity of Australians and allowed uncensored words of number plates in Forza Horizon 3. End result was not pretty.

Playtonic Games: Developer of Yooka-Laylee and Perfect Dark -1. Masters of plagiarism. Many of the team members (including Chris Sutherland) were murdered by Bill Gates.

Professor Rick Graphs: Murdered by Electronic Arts for trying to expose their practices of false advertising over their video games - Particularly Madden 06. Is now a ghost and still comments on video game graphics from time to time.

Psycho Gamer #1: Killed multiple people after a tantrum induced by playing Cuphead. Thinks he'll be ok and get away with it though.

Publisher: Greediest and most ruthless entity's in the industry. Nothing will deter them from reaching their projected goals. Developers are their slave and arch enemy as their belief of expressing passion counters a Publisher's belief in Capitalism.

PUBG: Player Unknown's BattleGrounds. The first popularised Battle Royale video game that runs like an absolute bucket of shit and looks like human excrement has washed over your screen.

Publishing Council: Secretive society that controls the video game industry. Publisher CEO's are initiated as board members to ensure they all share the same goal of ultimate greed. Every game, feature, event etc. is decided by the council before the idea is even discussed by a developer, marketer, streamer etc. and especially before being revealed. Decisions are calculated to maximise revenue so they can all get high as fuck. The Illuminati of the ERRORverse.


Ralph Baer: Father of Video Games and creator of Magnavox Odyssey. His corpse has incredibly hostile tendencies.

Randy Pitchford: Another arrogant video game CEO. Essentially the same douche in real life.

Reggie Fils-Aime: Nintendo America CEO and the king of bullshit. Can spin any extraordinary story into a factual story into a press release.

Respawn Entertainment: Bought by EA and in line to be "Dissolved" into one of EA's development camps.

Retarded Overweight Paratroopa: Crappy DLC character for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Retro Video Game Lobby (RVGL): A Guerrilla group who has collected retro video games since they were worthless. Severely inflated prices in the market to make ridiculous profits and screw over Errorians.

Scooter Rooter 64: The last video game ever released for the Nintendo 64. An absolute piece of shit game which had an extremely limited print. Fetches incredibly large sums of money due to its rarity. Also allows you to shove a scooter up your asshole as a game mechanic.

Sega Seal Of Quality: Medal awarded to brave soldiers of the 16-bit video game war.

Sergeant Qwikskope: A useless, old, senile Policeman who is absolutely pathetic at his job.

Shigeru Miyamoto: Legendary Video Game designer. Created many of Nintendo's best games and characters. Also loves to upend the Tea-Table every now and cause some chaos for a laugh.

Super Mario All Stars 2: A dream video game collection that will never exist. Era Error likes to use a photo-shopped box art as click-bait to trick angry users of the internet to view our shitty website.

Super Mario Odyssey: A Nintendo Switch video game that possesses its user with entertainment and shuts them from the rest of the world.

Third Place Loser Mario (Bronze): Crappy DLC character for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

T.H.Queue: Contestant of MasterChef gamer. A loser just like the company he is named after.

Tim Willits: Serial Liar and laughing stock of the video game industry. Claims to have invented Multi-Player maps at Id software which has proven to be false. Also claims to invented the FPS and every game in the genre. Turns out he was right?

Todd Avery: Claimed to have bought Scooter Rooter 64 at launch. Suffers from Asperger's Syndrome. It didn't stop our monster of an intern from abusing him online.

Todd Howard: Head of Bethesda Game Studio's and is sick to death of his fanbase. Also hates Era Error, but who doesn't?

Tubbs McFlubbs: Potential heir to the obesity throne at Valve. Gamings only hope!

Turok Filter: A rendered applied to PUBG in an attempt to help optimise the game. Filters the game to look like an early Nintendo 64 FPS reminiscent of Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter by Acclaim.

Tyler Malka: Owner of NeoGAF and accused of sexual assault.


Virtual Vindicator: Era Error's rival video game publication. Just as shit as us but also sexist.

Visceral Games: Sent to an EA Development camp and 'dissolved'.

Walrus Fanboy: A generic term for an extremely overweight and unbearable video game nerd. Usually is harpooned and dissected by a gaming CEO by the end of our reporting.

Waluigi: The seedy creep of the Mushroom Kingdom characters and is only useful for playing tennis. Constantly finds himself in adult situations and loves drugs. Lives in an apartment just south of the forest of illusion.

 Way Out, A: Upcoming video game published by EA that features a free co-op mode to players who don't own the game. EA furious about said feature.

Willy Williams: Nintendo Shareholder who masturbates in his basement and confined to a wheelchair due to debilitating video gamer diet. Broke into Nintendo's Japanese headquarters, caused mass genocide to Koopa Troopa and tricked Bowser into restarting NES Classic production.

Wolfenstein (2): The New Colossus: A fucking shit video game that we despise contrary to other people's beliefs. Created a vandlism page to vent our frustration on which was originally based on the game. Shame, as we enjoyed its predecessor.

Xbox One X: Capable of a 'staggering' "30 FPS". Unless it's PUGB, where it's 15 FPS.

Xbox 'Elite X' Controller: An unnecessary controller with 103 fucked up buttons and features. Can also be used as a homicidal weapon.

Y2Kxx Bug: Once a non-updatable video game console's internal clock reaches 00:00 in the new year of 20XX, it will become sentient and hostile towards any living being in close proximity. First massacre occurred on the new year of 2018 and is set to become an annual tradition.\


343 Industries: A terrible developer of Halo video games. Thought ripping off ideas from the crappy 2009 Wii Title The Conduit by High Voltage Software was a good idea.