eSports Team Disqualified After Violent Tantrum

It was revealed that a new eSports team literally threw the recent DOTA 2 International Tournament on its head after orchestrating a wild tirade due to an embarrassing defeat.
Note: Due to a software error, the original text of this article was deleted and has been completely re-written.

Novice team 'The Juice Munchers' was embarrassingly defeated in a record 12 seconds by the elite Korean group 'Gangbang Style' thanks to many suicidal tactical decisions which emphasised the lack of skill from the body building squad. Their performance was so abysmal, that many pundits questioned 'The Juice Munchers' intentions of entering the tournament, particularly after what proceeded after the match.

At the completion of the match, Juice Munchers members were furious, and in what many are commenting as an act of 'roid rage', immediately took their displeasure to the opposing team.

It didn't take long for anger to completely consume the novice team, as they performed incredibly violent acts against 'Gangbang Style' in a scene that was reminiscent of early street brawlers like Final Fight.

The tantrum didn't stop there, as 'The Juice Munchers' continued to destroy the arena and kick the shit out of props like it was a car in a Street Fighter bonus stage. They also took direct aim at the supporters, 'shitting all over the crowd like a boss'.

Almost the entirety of those in attendance were appauled by The Juice Munchers actions, except for one competitor who accidentally blew his load from excitement during his match and welcomed the distraction.

To no ones surprise, the team was disqualified from the competition and it took organizers an entire day to return the tournament to a bare bones state for proceedings to continue. When asked what caused their insane reaction to the embarrassing loss, the team unanimously admitted 'Mad Gear'.