Violence During The International: DOTA 2 Championship

Details have emerged of serious, physical altercations during the preliminary rounds of the multi-million dollar DOTA 2 Championship eSports event.

Held in Vancouver, Canada this year, 'The International: DOTA2 Championship', is one of the largest eSports event on the gaming calendar, carrying the largest purse of any video game competition. However with high stakes, comes intense pressure to perform and it appears that very duress has taken its toll on certain players.

This E-Sport athlete felt the pressure of competition and blew his load by accident.

Tensions began to rise during this morning's preliminaries as newcomers 'The Juice Munchers' challenged veteran and overall favourite Korean team 'Gangbang Style' in an incredibly one-sided battle that saw Gangbang Style embarrass The Juice Munchers by destroying their 'Ancient' in a record time of 17 seconds. The post match proceedings were incredibly heated, as the newcomers antagonized and physically asserted themselves on the veterans while intimidated officials hid and cried from the altercation behind the scenes.

Juice Muncher players triggered into 'Roid Rage' the second the match was over.

With no on-site security present (likely due to eSports' reputation of being somewhat timid affairs compared to others), Gangbang Style did not stand a chance and were absolutely obliterated by the monstrous sized, brain dead humans. The Juice Munchers rampage didn't stop there, as team members Haggar, Cody and Guy aimed their tirade against the tournament and its attendees, in a tirade reminiscent of many beat-em-up arcade games of the late 80's and early 90's.

Outcast 4th team member Mr X also took to the PA system to make his thoughts known during the carnage: "Don't underestimate me you little punks. You really want to die, don't you? I'll be happy to oblige!!"

The Juice Munchers escapade has unfortunately delayed proceedings of the DOTA 2 Championship indefinitely until repairs can be made to the arena which has upset competitive video game fans and its competitors the world over.

When asked by an interviewer what instigated the brutal attack on Gangbang Style and the tournament, Cody simply responded "Mad Gear."