Last Farmville User Finally Culled

After an emphatic exchange, the last user of Zynga's notorious Facebook game Farmville has been terminated.

Grandmother Cheryll McNabb was a well known character among her 37 Facebook friends, but for all the wrong reasons - She was an avid Farmville player since the game's inception in 2009. Farmville allowed users to spam their Facebook friends with notifications to assist them in earning more credits to spend in-game. If accepted, it would bypass the need to purchase anything with real currency as the user has conducted marketing on behalf of the game's developer Zynga.

Don't let the smile fool you, old Cheryll has pissed a lot of people off in her day!

However, many idiots took the system too far and infuriated people with constant notifications about the game. Cheryll took this to the extreme, to the point that Facebook had to enable a feature so users could block the god-awful prompts from appearing because of her. This allowed people to continue wasting their lives endlessly scrolling the pathetic content of their feeds without having to contemplate murdering a fuckwit like Cheryll. Balance was essentially restored to the world. Except for one person - middle aged Candy Crush Player Susie Thorpe.

"How was I supposed to know that you could just turn off the notifications? I was dealing with those fucking prompts for nearly 10 years until I snapped! I decided to go to Cheryll's house to end the charade once and for all. No one will be hearing from Cheryll any time soon. *laughs*"

"Not long after I 'Terminated' the problem, I received a phone call from the CEO of Zynga who thanked me for destroying Harvest Moon. He was absolutely hysterical!"

Susie did not calm her farm. We're sure Cheryll is just 'fine' though...

Era Error reached out to plagiarism king and Zynga CEO, Mark 'Pinga' Pincus for comment:

"We're just relieved Farm Town is finally dead. It became sentient in 2011 and we lost control as it continued to grow through Facebook user profiles while the player base exponentially expanded. Thankfully people eventually moved on to our other Free-To-Play garbage to waste their cash and Farmville lost its power. Well, except for that stupid bitch Cheryll who just wouldn't fuck off and let it die. I'm stoked about what happened to her. I heard the police aren't even going to prosecute the perpetrator which is great!"

Pincus the Dingus illustrating to a conference every game he plagiarised over the years.

If you know an idiot still playing a product created by the horrible Zynga Corporation, please feel free to out them in the comments section on one of our social media pages.