Woman's Twitch Followers Increase Dramatically After Unknown Change

Female Twitch streamer GemGem2000 has recently experienced a follower increase by an incredible 10000% over the past week. Those involved with the account claim the circumstances were a natural occurrence, but were they really? Era Error investigates.

A once unknown entity to the gaming public, 18 year old streamer Gemma Reynolds (GemGem2000) claims that she's shocked by the development, as she believes that there weren't any miraculous changes made during that time frame which could have encouraged such exponential growth to her viewership.

"Oh my gawd, it was like so strange what happened! I started streaming on Twitch late in the evenings ten days ago, playing my favourite Nintendo DS game 'My Baby: First Steps'. I had 3 viewers initially who kept asking how old I was, but when I told them that I was an adult, they immediately left the chat. I was pretty bummed out about it, as I want the world to see how good I am at playing 'My Baby' because I'm totally the best at it!"

Gemma Reynolds lied. She's fucking shit at 'My Baby: First Steps'!

"A few nights later I was laying in bed but I couldn't sleep, so I decided to stream again. I was still playing cool DS games from my childhood but strangely I noticed that I had 100 viewers. I was so excited that I started jumping up and down during the stream to show my appreciation. Next thing I knew it was up to 1000. I swear I didn't change a thing from last time, it was just super crayzay!"

"For the entire week I decided to start my stream with that same basic ritual for good luck, and it worked! I had up to 100000 viewers last night, all exclusively male! I just keep getting super excited and bounce around on stream more and more when I gain viewers! Woooooohooooo!!!"

We can't pick up any changes since her last stream. Can you?

"I've been getting all sorts of rad donations from people too. A swimwear company sent me a free bikini and I've also had a bunch of money sent via Paypal as well. One old guy even promised to donate $50,000 dollars to me and all I have to do is meet him in a hotel room for a quick coffee. Oh this streaming thing is such ghastly fun!!!"

Gemma's Dad, Barry is incredibly proud of his daughters almost immediate success.

"I'm just so happy for my little Gemma! She hasn't worked hard for her achievements, but that just exemplifies how skilled she is! My wife and I have received so much praise and support for our daughter, albeit predominantly from our male friends. She definitely caters towards a certain demographic!"

"Even my colleagues at work have checked out her stream. The guys keep telling me she's got some real talent and possesses assets that could take her far in life. I don't even need to watch her stream as I've been re-assured that it's all going incredibly smoothly. I'm just so proud of my GemGem!!!!"

Nope. No changes to GemGem's approach, whatsoever.

We reached out to Barry's colleagues to see if they could elaborate more on those claims.

"Oh yeah that girl is one hell of a streamer. I like to watch her late at night with all the lights off and just relentlessly milk myself until I go moo!"  — Office Sleeze-ball

"I'd like to ##### stretch out her ##### with my #### and pull on her ######## until they #### and then I'm gonna ####### her ##### in her #### with my #### and then #### her ######### into a ##### while it ###### live on her stream." — Office Creep

"Wow, does she rev all of our engines here at the office! Barry loves that we're all fans of his daughter's work. He's even organised a 'Meet And Greet' at their household while the rest of the family is out for the night. It's just going to be a bunch of seedy, middle aged dudes alone with complete, unimpeded access to Gemma. It's going to be wild!!!" — Gemma's Best Friend's Dad, who also works with Barry

Gemma states that she is genuinely excited about the upcoming 'Meet And Greet'.

"My family has been so supportive of my Twitch streaming escapade and I just can't thank them enough for organising it on my behalf. Be sure to watch me play 'Mean Girls DS' on my stream tomorrow night as I'll also be announcing that I've extended the 'Meet And Greet' to the general public and will be posting my address live!!"

'Morale in the office has been high as of late' - Barry Reynolds

We're sure as hell no one will be tuning in to watch her abysmally fucking shit gameplay and embarrassingly disgraceful game selection, but most likely for more 'voluptuous' reasons.

Era Error and its staff are rigorously hoping that Gemma Reynolds will be live streaming the 'Meet And Greet' in Twitch's IRL category, as we're immensely curious to how it all pans out. What could possibly go wrong?