Era Error Acquires Don Tecmocarti's Services

In a landmark move which is being heralded as the smartest of its kind, has acquired the services of long time games journalist Don Tecmocarti from Tecmocarti has an incredible history documenting the industry and we can't wait to see him put on his pink & blue Era Error tracksuit and show us all what he is capable of.

You may have noticed a few months ago our article mercilessly ripping into Don Tecmocarti for being an absolute shit cunt journalist and abysmal at playing video games despite his several decades covering them, but we'd love it if you would just ignore that and pretend it didn't happen.

Era Error's corporate sector believes Don Tecmocarti has what it takes to take the company to the next level and we have no choice but to agree with them. Despite Don's horrible reputation and plentiful evidence (including our own) that suggests he is a fucking shit low-life piece of scum, our CEO would like to debunk that 'Myth' right now as fake news. If any member of the public or media try to suggest otherwise, expect to be sued!

Don Tecmocarti will predominantly be focusing his efforts on our streaming sector, with plans in the future to showcase his 'talent' in a new recurring show on Twitch/Youtube known as "Technique with Tecmocarti" or "Tech w/ Tec". The show will place Don in the host seat while he breaks down new and classic video games with his trademark techniques which will help every viewer master their gameplay. You may also see a stray article or two from the man himself on the website so keep your eyes peeled.

Don Tecmocarti has released this short statement about his acquisition:
I've copped a ton of shit about my gaming ability and journalism but I'm here to tell you that you're all fucking wrong! can go and get fucked. I was their scapegoat for dwindling revenue over the past year but the writing was already on the wall for them. My new tenure at gives me the platform to wipe my past history and start with a clean slate. Just you wait and see how great my journalism is going to be. I've also been honing my gaming skills and I'm going to blow your fucking mind. I'm originally from the United States and people usually do that with guns over there but like I said, this is a new me and I'm taking a different approach. I'm going to be fucking awesome!!! owner Jordie Alexander also made a quick statement:
Era Error can have that fuckwit! We've been trying to get rid of him for the past year as all he has done is lose credibility to our brand and attracted millions of trolls to our our social and media accounts. We're just so fucking glad that loser is gone. The very second the news of Don's departure hit the stock market, our share price has increased ten-fold. I'm already on the phone right now ordering hookers and blow so we can go and celebrate!! Fuck you Era Error! Suck Shit!
Welcome to the team Don Tecmocarti. A new Era awaits. It couldn't possibly be an Error!

Cover photo sent with Tecmocarti's resume.